Climb aboard a cute, quirky, and cozy converted bus

Patrick Schmidt wasn't sure which direction his life was going, but he did know he was ready to stop throwing away money on rent and start living 'tiny.' He was unemployed when he decided to purchase an old school bus and take on the project of converting it with his father. The hard work and hours put into the bus paid off. Schmidt enjoyed a fun bonding experience with his dad, and ended up with a really cool bus to live in and travel the country.
After three months of work, Schmidt left on a cross-country trip in his environmentally friendly tiny home. His goal was to get to Florida, but eventually, he plans on making his way through other states and living wherever his desires take him, making a home and a life in his small but comfortable converted bus home.
Behind the driver's seat there is a heater, and on the opposite wall, there are custom built shelves that hold books and candles, which Schmidt makes and sells for profit when he needs to. 
When you step onto the bus, you'll notice light hardwood floors, and a pleasing, airy aesthetic thanks to white and aqua interior paint. To the left, a bench with an added cushion and plenty of pillows is a cozy couch, and the custom built dinette table is a perfect place for two people to eat, with plenty of natural light coming in through the windows.
Beyond the table, there is a small but perfectly functional kitchenette containing a dorm-sized refrigerator/freezer, a sink, and cabinets as well as a countertop. Overhead shelves and attached Mason jars provide storage for food and built-in shelves next to the kitchen offer more storage possibilities. Behind the wooden doors, there is plenty of closet space for clothes, shoes, and other necessities. 
The sink doubles as a bathroom sink, and a mirrored medicine cabinet contains toiletries and other items. 
A small bathroom contains a standing shower and a 32-gallon RV toilet. The bus has hot water, and runs on solar power for a greener and more planet-friendly way to live.
In the back of the bus behind a privacy curtain there's a spacious and comfortable sleeping nook equipped with a queen-sized bed. A window AC unit and fans keep the bus comfortable during the warmer months, while an electric heater delivers toasty warmth during wintertime.
LED lighting inside the bus creates a warm, friendly, and colorful environment and gives the bus an eclectic look. 
This solar grid on top of the bus keeps everything running smoothly when Schmidt is away from a campsite, but batteries make electricity more consistent when he's plugged in and able to receive direct electricity, since solar power can sometimes be harder to come by and not as reliable.
This comfortable, portable, 189 square foot home is ready for any adventure that awaits, and any city that Schmidt decides to call home until he's ready to hit the road again!

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