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Tiny Home Tours
Welcome to the fairy land of the Little White House
Daniel Blagovich is a visual artist who decided to build himself a tiny home studio. He used only salvaged materials, but the end result is an absolute dream....
By Nick Georgandis
Space Saving Furniture
7 Unbelievable Furniture Space Savers You Will Want Immediately
It doesn’t take much to give yourself that little extra bit of room when you are working with small spaces. Instead of getting frustrated about where to cook dinner, do the laundry, or seat your company, get creative....
By Abigail Swire
Tiny Home on Wheels
Tiny cedar bungalow's clever storage options make it as functional as a regular-sized home
The traditional craftsman and wooden finishes turns this cedar bungalow into a rustic dream....
By Mark Serper
Tiny Home on Wheels
Look behind this yellow door and be taken in by how cute this house is
This is as cute as it gets and it has room o spare....
By Anthony Hall
Cottage Living
Tour this tiny cottage: the remodeled interior is truly a dream
This charming cottage of only 540 square feet is located on Sauvie Island, an agricultural island 15 minutes north of Portland....
By Erica Young
Soak yourself in a California vibe in this 2-bedroom houseboat cottage
Located in the Yellow Ferry Harbor, the houseboat is about 12 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco....
By Stacey Mattish
Park Model World
Check out the unique staircase in this replica caboose
This RV-cabin-caboose is gorgeous....
By Anthony Hall
Cottage Living
What can you do with a 1904 garage? Check this out
Former garage turned studio apartment is right near downtown Portland, Ore....
By Anthony Hall
Small Home Floor Plans
7 tiny Southwest-style house plans to love
Southwestern properties are the beautiful result of Spanish and American Colonial styles fusing together. Perfectly suited for the climate of California and the desert, the buildings draw on typical Mediterranean details to maximize the indoor......
By Emily Roche
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