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Container Homes
Enter this spectacular shipping container home to discover a most clever bedroom
Brenda Kelly of IQ Container Homes in New Zealand is the inspiration behind the company's shipping container homes. A...
By Stacey Mattish
Park Model World
Tour General Coach Canada's Frontier Series park model RV
Take a peek inside, and you won't be disappointed....
By Jing Chen
RusticLiving - Cabins
Welcome to Keva, a peaceful tiny retreat in British Columbia (watch video)
When asked if it's hard to live in a tiny house, 27-year-old Rebecca Grim has only one thing to say: 'That is a silly question. It is fabulous and really fun.'...
By Chris Ternate
Park Model World
Cross the French doors of this park model home and soak up the beachy vibe inside
This design by Palm Harbor Homes demonstrates that a park model home can become the perfect abode....
By Stacey Mattish
Space Saving Furniture
13 examples of multifunctional furniture that not only save space, but double it
Whether you have a traditional sized home or a tiny home, space always seems to be an issue; and finding ways to keep what space you do have clean and uncluttered also seems to be a problem. Solutions for these issues have been around as long as.......
By Stacey Mattish
Small Home Floor Plans
Tiny homes without stairs; 6 examples of why we love bungalows
Properties with stairs can be overrated - what could be better than a house all on one level? Especially if you have health care issues that might prevent you from tackling the stairs as often as you need to....
By Emily Roche
Container Homes
Welcome to Brenda Kelly's IQ Container Home
This is Brenda Kelly's shipping container home, and it's really incredible to see what one can do with a couple of these......
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home on Wheels
Settle into this dreamy DIY Tiny Blue House
If you ever needed proof that a DIY dream can become a livable reality, just take one look at the Tiny Blue House....
By Thalita Alves
Tiny Home Tours
See how couple downsized to 200-square-feet. Their ground-level bedroom is beyond smart
'This is a high-end custom home in 200 square feet, with all the amenities of a full-sized home,' Najem told the Telegram. 'But we had to be involved from the design stage, since everything had to be compact and functional.'...
By Carmen Martínez
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