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Tiny Home Tours
Welcome to the Somerset Shepherds Hut Retreat 
'Such a lovely little magical place to stay,' says a fan on Trip Advisor....
By Stacey Mattish
Small Home Regulations
Pima County, Arizona makes owning a tiny home easier
By Liza Larregui
Container Homes
Lady builds her own tiny home after her kids grow up
The interior is handcrafted with love....
By Jing Chen
Converted Buses
See the extreme makeover of this 1959 Chevrolet Viking bus
'For the interior millwork, we translated the design vision into an arts and crafts aesthetic,' Will Winkelman, from Winkelman Architecture, told Remodelista....
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home Tours
Can you find the size of this house?
When you think about a tiny house......
By Anthony Hall
Space Saving Furniture
17 perfect ideas to save space in a tiny home
In Tiny Home Tours we know that the smart use of space is one of the most important things for people interested in downsizing to a tiny living....
By Carmen Martínez
Converted Buses
Welcome to Julie and Andrew Puckett's lovely bus home
Julie and Andrew Puckett turned a school bus into their 200-square-feet home in Atlanta...
By Stacey Mattish
Cottage Living
Welcome to the gorgeous Kvale Hytte Cottage
Nestled in one of the lushest gardens we've ever seen, the beautiful Kvale Hytte Cottage is sparking some serious envy....
By Carmen Martínez
Converted Buses
School's out and style's in 
From the outside, it looks like a traditional yellow school bus, ready to ferry kids to class. On the inside, however, the yellow bus has been converted into a simple yet sophisticated home. Owners Julien Lafaille and OPhelia Kwong decided to......
By Christi Aldridge
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