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Visit this dreamy houseboat: Its rooftop terrace is nice, but the bathroom is pure luxury
Clean, modern lines can be seen in every area of this amazing houseboat....
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home on Wheels
This fantastic tiny house is for sale in Chicago
The owners of this tiny house are sad to part ways, but they need to upsize to meet the needs of their growing family....
By Thalita Alves
Converted Buses
See how family of 6 turns a school bus into a home with the best sleeping area ever
When you first look at these photos you might not believe that this used to contain rows and rows of purple and blue seats. But, it did. With a lot of DIY and love, the Earle family turned the bus into a traveling house....
By Angela Brown
Cottage Living
Peek inside this waterfront tiny cottage. Its vintage living room will conquer you
It's these principles that the Truro Cottage relishes upon – recognizing that tiny home living isn't just for a trailer or a cabin....
By Mark Serper
Cottage Living
Take a look inside this small yet luxurious beach cottage
A luxurious beach house in Santa Monica....
By Erica Young
Tiny Home Tours
Take a peek inside the Vista ESCAPE Traveler
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Cottage Living
Charming small cottage has a gorgeous kitchen layout that's too good to be true
Take a tour and it will be hard not to fall in love with this one....
By Jing Chen
Cottage Living
What can you do with a 1904 garage? Check this out
Former garage turned studio apartment is right near downtown Portland, Ore....
By Anthony Hall
Converted Buses
Climb aboard the Big Green Bus!
With three bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen, the bus is a fun, funky place to spend the night, and it resides in the gorgeous Sussex area. Once you see the interior, you won't believe this double-decker getaway used to be a working bus....
By Christi Aldridge
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