Cass Community Social Services is building a tiny house village for the homeless in Detroit

Continuing the trend of tiny home communities to aid the homeless, Detroit is one of the next cities to consider tiny houses to solve housing issues. According to Curbed DetriotCass Community Social Services — a charity that has been in operation since 2002 fighting poverty with homeless shelters — owns a few blocks of property where they will build 20 to 25 tiny homes at 300 to 400 square feet each. It is located at Elmhurst and Woodrow Wilson. Each of the homes would first be rented out by the homeless, intended to be purchased by them later. 
CCSS’s mission also includes giving the residents much easier access to medical, educational, nutritional, recreational, and mental health programs, all just moments away from the neighborhood. Those that didn’t have access to easy transportation before don’t have to struggle to find the resources once out of reach. Additionally, the area which CCSS is constructing the neighborhood was once filled with vacant lots and run-down homes, giving new purpose to the area. As the CCSS video below explains, this not only helps to give the area its density back but also directly addresses the homelessness problem and invests in a greener and sustainable type of city. 
A fundraising campaign on Crowdrise has helped fund the project. Nearly all of the $100,000 goal has been raised.  As of June 20, the water and utility lines of the community have been put in place, meaning construction on the homes will begin soon. 

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