Welcome to the lovely The River Den

Have you ever dreamed of owning waterfront property? What about a small home on the water? This charming houseboat listed on AirBnB was crafted from five pontoon boats, which provide plenty of support for the structure. The boat is designed to take on a little water to ensure that the home stays balanced (and afloat). Located in a cozy bay in Wakefield, Quebec, the small space is fully insulated so you can enjoy river living all year long. The custom built boat is perfect for gathering with family and friends. 
The home is located on the river near a small community filled with boutiques, bakeries, and small shops. It's a perfect place for a quiet getaway or a quiet life. The beautiful houseboat features simple lines and rustic furniture. The quiet river is the perfect backdrop for this relaxing home. Handcrafted windows provide nearly unobstructed views of the river and surrounding area. 
The stunning kitchen features a beautiful round window with double paned glass. The sink pulls water from the river for handwashing and dishwashing. Creative storage keeps dishes out of the way and adds a bohemian touch. 
All of the lights in the home are battery powered. A simple, but elegant, ceiling light illuminates when the sun goes down. A simple rail adds extra storage for towels and a cutting board. 
There is plenty of counter space next to the single sink for meal prep. The pump style faucet pairs whimsy with functionality. 
A comfortable sitting space features hand-crafted furniture and a wood burning stove which provides enough heat for the entire boat. You can also open a small hatch on the top to boil water or prepare other food. 
The cozy living area is roomy enough for friends to gather and feature panoramic views of the surrounding river. 
The houseboat measures 33-feet long, with 23 feet of space inside the cabin. The home is 11-feet wide and also includes some outdoor deck space on the front for lounging. 
The home is portable. A 60 horsepower motor makes it easy to travel the river. The home also fits all requirements to move it on the road if needed. 
The upstairs bedroom features a steel floor that allows for better heat circulation during the winter and makes cleaning a snap. The upstairs space is 5-feet tall and has plenty of windows for relaxing views as you drift away at night. 
The small bathroom is tucked away on the first floor. The compost toilet is quiet and eco-friendly. The floating home provides an idyllic space for relaxing at the end of the day. An upper deck comes off the bedroom and is perfect for unwinding with a good book. 
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