Welcome to the absolutely fabulous Cspellina Housetruck

If you walked into this stunning home, you'd probably find it hard to believe that it's built on the back of a truck! The impeccable wood interior feels more like a luxury cabin in the woods than a small living space attached to a motor! This lovely converted bus named Cspellina is located in the Mokus Valley resort in Hungary and the owners built the space on the base frame of an old industrial truck. While the home is movable, the owners decided to plant roots in a quiet garden grove. 
This stunning home is only 269 square feet, but it manages to feel open and comfortable. The wood on the interior of the home is all real wood. The stunning steel beams offer a beautiful contrast to the natural grains of the wood, and unique windows throughout the bedroom space add personality and light. Simple, rustic furniture and creative storage options pull the entire home together. 
The bedroom offers additional seating space, a quiet reading nook of sorts. The beautiful round window feels more aquatic than a rustic cabin, but paired with the curved roof, it adds symmetry. 
Believe it or not, the owners managed to separate the living spaces with beautiful, well-crafted stairs. The stairs really make the home feel more traditional than other tiny homes which often rely on ladders to reach the sleeping space. 
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The curved lines carry throughout the entire living space, The curved wooden stairs feel more elegant than a traditional step would have.
Large windows and doors in the main living area, help keep the home feeling bright despite the darker wood grain. A small breakfast nook is tucked off to the side and features a large window and plenty of lighting.
The bathroom may be small, but it packs a design punch. The reclaimed wood floors carry throughout this space and brushed stainless steel adds an industrial touch to the room. 
The bathroom includes a comfortable shower and separate toilet area for extra privacy. The owners maximize space by finding storage everywhere (including above the toilet). 
The kitchen features wooden cabinetry and a stainless steel backsplash. It's equipped with small refrigerator and a stovetop. Wall storage for the utensils feels more like a decorative piece than functional storage. 
The kitchen area is tucked away at the back of the home. Overhead lighting and windows add necessary lighting. 
The charming breakfast nook features a unique table that easily tucks away into a corner for more room. The use of rustic furniture pieces with reclaimed wood is a fitting end for a truck that was used to haul wood in an earlier life.
Located in a small grove, this home is one of three guest houses on a cozy property in Mokus Valley, Hungary. You can learn more about the transformation of this home on the Csepellina blog. 

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