Visit this dreamy houseboat: Its rooftop terrace is nice, but the bathroom is pure luxury

Are considering going tiny? Have you ever thought about taking a trip to Amsterdam? Why not combine both activities at once? Houseboat Nova, as it is called on Airbnb, is 861 square feet (80 square meters) of class and comfort. Located in Amsterdam near Amsterdam Lake, Amsterdam Forest and Olympic Stadium, which according to the Olympics' website was held there in 1928, the boat is supposed to be a 10-minute ride from the downtown.
All the Rooms states that the owners live next door, so getting help with anything or getting suggestions on places to visit is very simple. According to Airbnb, the houseboat is brand new. Clean, modern lines can be seen in every area. The main level has an open floor plan for the kitchen, dining room and living room. This keeps the space feeling spacious. Sliding glass doors give easy access to the outside.
Stairs lead from the living space to the upper deck.
The houseboat has seating for four at the kitchen table. 
A full-sized kitchen with a range makes cooking meals easy.
Auping beds are used in the two bedrooms.
This bedroom contains an Auping double bed.
No space or expense was spared in creating this luxurious bathroom space. A full-sized tub with tile backsplash is great for relaxing in at night. The sink is perfect for a quick wash-up in the middle of the day.
This houseboat also boasts two toilets, always a luxury.
A stand-up shower is also included.
The roof terrace is perfect for relaxing on. You can have a meal up there or simply sit and enjoy the view. 
Having a unique place to stay goes hand in hand with a trip to a place that is as rich in heritage and culture as Amsterdam. Combining great surroundings with a venture in tiny living is the perfect way to help decide whether going tiny is meant for you.
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