Welcome to the lovely House-Box One

Located in the United Kingdom, House Box, according to its site, is a company that does custom work on everything from metal pieces to full vehicle conversions. The company was first founded in 2011 by Dean, who had a vision of  "getting a rusty, old post-van, sticking a mattress in the back, and enjoying the freedom of waking up, driving wherever you want (often in pajamas) whilst taking your very own home comforts with you."
His partner in this venture, Jake, officially joined the team in 2013 but, according to the site, has been a part of Dean's work since the very beginning. House-Box One is the company's first conversion, a 1977 Bedford TK. Dean turned this vehicle into a tiny home with "all the luxuries you'd find in a 'bricks and mortar' home."  
A wood stove in the corner can be used to heat the home in the winter. The plants would need to be moved beforehand so they don't get toasted during the process.
The House-Box was stripped down to its frame and then rebuilt. The interior has wood paneling lining the walls, floors and ceiling.  
A loft at the front of the truck provides a place for the bed. Below that stained glass windows add a unique touch to the interior.
Custom wood shelves are placed on the walls to hold knickknacks. Since Jake does custom metal work, the braces used to hold the shelves may be his work.
Bright orange tile makes the kitchen cheerful. Baskets are used to help keep the space well organized. A full-sized range makes cooking simple in this cheerful area.
Beautiful woodworking shows up everywhere you look in this tiny home.  House Box must be doing something right since they have orders for various kinds of custom work. House-Box One gives a small glimpse into what Dean and Jake can do with old stuff, ingenuity and skills. 
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