6 mini nightstands that can squeeze into even the tiniest bedrooms

When it comes to living in a tiny home, even the most fundamental pieces of furniture can seem like an unattainable luxury. Case in point: nightstands! Tiny bedrooms sometimes feel so crowded that adding even a small piece of furniture like a nightstand can sound like a laughable idea.
Nonetheless, compromising on space doesn't have to mean giving up the furniture that makes your life easier. Even if it seems like your room only has space for your bed (if that), don't start tearing your hair out just yet. These cost-effective options  are here to save the day, and they'll fit into even the coziest of spaces.
1. Give the corner a chance to shine
Kathleen Whitaker gave Apartment Therapy a tour of her tiny home, and showed them this cute little corner shelf! It's easy and inexpensive to make yourself, and it takes up almost no space while still giving you enough room to keep everything you need close at hand.
2. A re-purposed woven basket 
Try getting crafty, and turn a simple woven basket into a floating nightstand like DIY blogger Jenna Diermann did. You can add wooden shelves like Jenna did, or simply choose a small, square basket that fits your space. You can have a new nightstand in minutes!
3. Make use of vertical space
If floor space is tight, start thinking vertically! Install the Lack shelf unit from Ikea next to your bed, and use the lower shelves as a nightstand. To be even more space-efficient, stick it in the corner! The narrow design doesn't take up very much space, and it packs a huge storage punch for its size.
4. A 2-in-one nightstand and light
Seen on Design Sponge, this multipurpose lamp/nightstand is an unobtrusive addition to the bedroom that takes up no floor space and gives you a bedside reading light that doesn't take up half the table. Catherine Hug simply sanded down an old drawer, strung a corded light bulb through the drawer's handle, and voila! An adorable, tiny nightstand.
5. Dangle your nightstand from the ceiling
A hanging nightstand like this one is a stylish way to free up some floor space for other things! Plus, the light, airy design will make your space look and feel larger than it actually is. The table can be made from almost any piece of wood, and it's easy and inexpensive to do it yourself. Instructions can be found at The Merry Thought.
6. A minimal nightstand for the teeniest of tiny bedrooms
The Mosslanda shelf from Ikea is meant to be used as a picture ledge, but the clever Auna Kay of La Vie DIY turned it into a tiny nightstand to keep her clock and her phone close at hand. It's the perfect solution if one side of your bed is against the wall, and it can fit into absolutely ANY space.

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