Welcome to this beautiful converted Bedford TK Camper Van

You may have heard of a food truck, but what about a house truck?  This three-person home was crafted from a former horse truck by the Wolfes. The camper space was remodeled to house a small family. At 192 square feet, this home is definitely tiny, but creative storage and design make up for the lack of wiggle room. 
Located in Chester, the House Truck has gone through two renovations and played house to a husband, wife and new child. Built on top of a working truck, the movable home makes for a great way to see the country. 
You can view the entire living space from the front door. A full kitchen leads into a small sitting area and loft. Plenty of wall storage and foldable furniture allow for maximum flexibility. The home features original wood floors throughout. 
The owners make use of every square inch including using space underneath their bed for clothing and office storage. 
A small nook is perfect for storing pet dishes and the family added personal touches with colored carpets and wicker baskets to add personality to their living quarters. They even made room to display family photos on the walls. 
The kitchen is small but functional. A fold-away cutting board/counter space provides room to prepare meals but easily tucks up and away to open the space up. Wall storage provides easy access to spices and other items, and a small stove-top is perfect for meal prep. 
More wall storage and a single sink safe extra space in the kitchen. A hanging caddy provides space for other personal items.
The home stays warm with a cast-iron wood burning stove. An insulated onboard water tank provides warm water for the family to bathe an cook. 
The fully-stocked kitchen includes gas to range and a grill oven. 
A solar power system keeps the LED lights in the home running. The house truck is also outfitted with sockets and complete electrical throughout. 
Tucked away to the side of the kitchen is a small, working shower. The shower is set away in a corner to maximize square footage. It's cozy but functional.  A hanging caddy adds extra storage space for shampoo and soaps. 
The family can enjoy outdoor time on their small wooden deck in the back. The deck tucks away for easy traveling. Much of the wood in the home is original, though other portions include reclaimed wood from Wales. 
Do you think you could live in this tiny space? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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