Welcome to the original The Boulder Tiny House

This tiny trailer house, say the builders at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, is designed to be affordable, aerodynamic and easy to build. It accomplishes this, in part, by using windows that fit between 24 inch on center studs, which allows for a lot less fiddling during construction, and a low-in-front roof line that rises sharply enough to allow for a bedroom loft in the back.
One way the builder kept this house simple: There is no frame built on top of the trailer. Instead, the trailer itself is the frame, which eliminates a few hassles and reduces the height of the house by a very useful three and a half inches, “which in Tiny House design is quite a bit,” the builder says.
Let's take a look.
You might not describe this as elegant, but the horizontal planking contrasts well with the vertically corrugated siding. The Boulder Tiny House was purposefully designed to have a modern look to it. This means the builders accomplished what they set out to do.
This second exterior shot shows some of the Rocky Mountain scenery. Not only is that appealing, but it also compliments the house.
The kitchen at the front of the trailer hints at how much space is saved by pushing a kitchen to one end or another of a tiny house.
This kitchen has a low ceiling, but that doesn't crowd things up too much. The terrific breakfast table is on the right.
What is not too like about this tiny breakfast table? OK, it's small -- but the so-called "live-edge" is perfect for this space. The table's natural shape shines in a room full of straight angles. 
Yes, if you like tiny tables, you will love this tiny house. 
Although still in construction, the photo above shows where this interior is headed. On the left are the stairs that also serve as a storage unit. Behind the darker wall on the left is the bathroom, including a shower behind the wall.
This tiny sink says it all. It tells you how much those full-sized amenities in a standard home are taken for granted. Here, just how you brush your teeth or wash your face is going to be dictated by the home's relatively humble fixtures.
You can take this tiny house out of the Rockies, but you cannot take the Rockies out of this tiny house. At first glance, I wondered why the builders included a photo of a mason jar, albeit an interesting one, in their photo gallery for the Boulder Tiny House. Then I realized I was looking at a lamp shade. The giveaway, of course, is the pull switch on the left.
A porch trimmed with blue lights makes it easier to find your way home.

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