Look inside this stunning 500 year-old converted barn and its shiny new interior

This gorgeous cottage was converted from a 500-year old barn in Buxhall, a village in the county of Suffolk, England. Nicknamed the Deepwell Barn, it has a beautiful thatched roof and its own private two-acre garden. Available for vacation rental through Grove Cottages, it truly is a magical countryside retreat that anyone would be lucky to stay at.
The preserved, original beam work throughout the interior is the home's most stunning feature. Other elegant and stylish touches include the classic antique furniture, beautiful Persian rugs, and the abundance of bright, natural light. Take a tour through this enchanting cottage below; we guarantee you're going to love it.
Enter through the stable door into this inviting living space. Classic furniture and an antique mirror make this room cozy and bright. White walls throughout the barn help to spotlight the beam work.
A dining table near the stairs is a perfect spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee while enjoying views of the garden. Windows have been added between the beams and allow natural light to pour into the cottage.
The kitchen is small but efficient. Rolling pins and wooden spoons are used as unique wall decor. Butcher block counter tops and open shelving create a cozy country feel.
Built-in shelves on this wall provide more storage. Painting the interior of the shelves a contrasting color adds interest.
The charming loft upstairs is where the bedroom is located. With views to the main floor the whole cottage is open and airy.
The bedroom features more of the stunning beam work that's emphasized even more in this room because of the vaulted ceilings. Contemporary furnishings are a wonderful juxtaposition to the old barn.
The bathroom is simple yet elegant. Without a straight wall to hang a mirror, the accordion mirror is a great solution.
This cottage is what dreams are made of - what a beautiful and tranquil space to spend a vacation. 
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