8 colonial-style properties, check out #4

A quintessential style in American architecture, the colonial property has long stood as a classic piece of design. Referencing English Georgian homes, as well as including flourishes from Europe, Colonial architecture varies across the USA thanks to the many peoples who brought hints of their motherlands to the style. 
With aspects of English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish architectural styles, Colonial homes are popular across the country and you can build your own little piece of that history in tiny home format.
1. Two-bedroom property from ePlans
Measuring in at 505 square feet (47 square meters), these plans are available to purchase here. The property is mostly based on the first floor, with the ground floor given over entirely to a two-bay garage. Upstairs, an open-plan living, kitchen and dining room occupy a corner of the house, with two double bedrooms complete with built-in closets at the back half. A shared bathroom with a shower holds the remaining corner.
2. Two-bedroom home from Houseplans
This home comes in at 736 square feet (68 square meters) and the plans can be found for purchase here. Parking can be found beneath the home, which is built on stilts. The spacious floorplan starts from a covered porch, straight into an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. A back porch and decking area continue on, opening the space up to the outdoors if desired. Two large double bedrooms sit on the other side of the property, with a shared bathroom placed between them. Both have built-in closets and access to a small utility closet.
3. Modifiable two-bed house from Family Home Plans
Measuring 827 square feet (77 square meters), the plans for this home can be found here. An attractive building with lots of curb appeal, the interior of this home is open-plan, with a living, dining and kitchen area occupying one full side. The house can be built on a basement foundation, with stair access from the main hall. A shared bathroom sits at the top aspect, while two double bedrooms take up the remaining side, each with built-in closet space.
4. One-bedroom cottage property from Homeplans
A simple and attractive design, this house measures 784 square feet (73 square meters) and the plans are available to buy here. Enter into a snug foyer, then along into a hallway that opens up to the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. A huge double bedroom with built-in closets is situated in the far corner of the property, alongside a full bathroom. A flexible-use room sits at the front of the house, ideal for a study, extra storage space, or even a small nursery.
5. Two-bed columned house from ePlans
Coming in at 923 square feet (86 square meters), the plans for this grand home can be found here. With a huge bank of windows in the forward wall, light and space are intrinsic to this property. Built on a windowed basement foundation, enter the house to a spacious hallway area to access either portion of the property. A semi-open living room leads into the kitchen and dining room space, with angular interior walls creating a strong design feel. Two double bedrooms with built-in closets flank a shared bath and shower room.
6. One-bedroom farmhouse from Houseplans
Coming in at 568 square feet (53 square meters), the plans for this great home can be purchased here. With a large, two-car garage providing extra storage on the ground floor, upstairs is a well-laid out home ideal for a couple. With lots of attic space available for storage, the main space is given over to an open-plan living, dining and kitchen room, with dormer window nooks providing both views and sections of more private space. A comfortable bedroom has built-in closets, an ensuite and leads round to yet more storage built into the back wall.
7. Two-bedroom property from Family Home Plans
The plans for this design are available for purchase here and the house measures 960 square feet (89 square meters). An impressive porch entryway leads to stairs for access to the basement foundation. On the ground floor level, an open-plan living room leads into a dining and kitchen area. Two double bedrooms with their own storage closets flank a shared full bathroom, with utility cupboards in the hallway.
8. Three-bedroom Cape Cod-style property from Homeplans
This luxurious design comes in at 932 square feet (87 square meters) and the plans can be bought here. Enter the garage level from the well-appointed porch and climb the stairs to a hallway incorporating a utility closet and storage space. In keeping with larger Colonial-style properties, the kitchen, dining room and living room are all marginally walled off into separate areas. Two large double bedrooms with built-in closets sit either side of a shared bathroom and laundry cupboard.
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