Take a tour of this small, open, efficient container cottage

With only 360 square feet of living space, the Uber 360 started life as a 45-foot shipping container. Though the home is small, it features many surprising features, including a decadent jacuzzi tub, 12-foot sliding glass doors, and a full-sized kitchen.
Created by Numen Development with size in mind, the architects wanted the home to feel larger and more luxurious than it actually is, and though it's not an illusion, the tiny cottage really does feel roomy due to clever architecture and smart space saving techniques. Designer Katie Nichols lived in the home herself, and recalls her time spent in the small but comfortable space with fondness. 
The kitchen welcomes guests with an airy presence and glass doors that lead outside to a rustic wooden patio. The kitchen features a dishwasher, range, refrigerator, and a sink. White countertops and appliances add a crisp, bright look. 
Built in overhead cubbies and steel shelves provide kitchen storage space, and magnets make it simple to hang cooking tools or decorations on the walls of the container. The home also contains a stackable washer and dryer, offering guests all of the benefits of living in a traditional home.
Open up the glass doors and step outside to enjoy dinner on the patio, or a relaxed evening of conversation. An awning offers sun protection and keeps the space cool and comfortable. 
Next to the kitchen, a living/sleeping and dining area offers a table and chairs for mealtimes, and plenty of space for a couch or futon, media center, and coffee tables. A queen sized bed provides additional sleeping space tucked into its own special nook, or owners could install pull out beds to meet their needs. Hardwood floors look neat and homey. 
Brightly colored curtains in the living area conceal a well built, clever, 8-foot closet featuring two rods for clothing, plenty of drawers, and overhead shelves for shoes and accessories. Pull the curtains closed and the space becomes decorative. Custom shelves with a bright yellow background hold decorative items, photos, and books. 
The bathroom offers a toilet, jacuzzi tub, sink, and clean, all white fixtures. Built in shelves and drawers hold towels and other sundries. 
Though low in square footage, the Uber 360 home manages to pack a lot of luxury into a small space, with charming results. 

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