7 floor plans of classic American architecture on a tiny home scale

From the brownstones and beach houses of the East Coast to the Georgian-inspired homes of the West, from cozy cabins up North to French Colonial and Adobe properties in the South, every part of America has its own distinctive architecture.
Living tiny doesn't mean for one second that you should have to give up on the dream of owning one of these iconic buildings. Below, you can browse our selection of classical American properties that have been downsized to suit the tiny home way.
1. Traditional American property from ePlans
It doesn't get more iconically American than this. The star of many a movie, this type of traditional building has been made tiny and measures in at 850 square feet (79 square meters) and is available to purchase here. The interior features an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area to facilitate movement around the house. Leading off of the main living space are two double bedrooms, either side of a shared bathroom. There are multiple built-in closets and the whole property can be built atop a basement foundation.
2. Craftsman style home by Homeplans
The plans for this striking craftsman property are available here, measuring 952 square feet (88 square meters). Two double bedrooms at the back of the house each enjoy built-in closet space and hallway access to the shared bathroom, laundry room and linen closet. The real feature of the house is the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, complete with a fireplace and spectacular walk-out decking wrapping around the front of the property.
3. Colonial inspired home by Family Home Plans
This property comes in at 996 square feet (93 meters) and you can purchase the plans for it here. The classically inspired exterior is echoed in the layout of the interior, which features a delightful bay window in the main double bedroom. The second bedroom can be found at the rear of the house, sharing the bathroom accessible from a hall. The open doorways lend a modern open-plan feel to the rooms, with a living space partly divided from the main dining and kitchen area.
4. Contemporary modern build from ePlans.
This two-floor house measures 913 square feet (85 square meters) and can be purchased here. With a modern look to the outside, the layout works well for a high-flying couple with a deep love of travel. The ground floor houses three cars and an RV, so there is lots of space for extra storage if needed. There is also a workshop which can be used for a mechanical project or converted into a study. Upstairs, a double bedroom looks out to the back of the property and opens into a spacious open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, as well as a bathroom, half-bath, and office space.
5. Beach cottage home from Houseplans.
This gorgeous beach-appropriate property comes in at 869 square feet (81 square meters) and you can purchase the plans here. Entering from a large covered porch, there is an open living area looking through the kitchen to the dining room at the back of the house. A shared bathroom sits between two bedrooms and a second porch wraps around one wall, to make the most of sunny evenings and days made for grilling by the beach.
6. Contemporary Colonial-style home by Family Home Plans.
Measuring 923 square feet (86 square meters), this home would be great for a small family or couple downsizing and is available to purchase here. Built on a basement foundation, the entryway leads straight into an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area with an interesting angular wall feature. A double bedroom and a single bedroom sit comfortably on either side of a shared bathroom. 
7. Adam / Federal-inspired home by ePlans.
This property measures 998 square feet (93 square meters) and the plans can be bought here. With an optional two-car garage available in the modifiable plans, this property can provide extra storage as needed. The main living space leads onto an open-plan dining / kitchen area. A hallway keeps the shared bathroom accessible from both bedrooms, each with their own built-in storage closets.

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