10 clever bedroom storage solutions for small spaces

One of the biggest home storage issues is finding room in a bedroom that has limited square footage. All hope is not lost, however, if you don't have a spacious walk-in closet or room for an oversized dresser. There are plenty of creative solutions to stow your items, even when you might be spatially challenged.
The bedroom storage ideas below provide all the inspiration you need for tucking things away, without creating unnecessary clutter. Check out these perfect ways to store clothing, shoes, accessories, and other personal belongings in your small space.
1. Under bed storage
One typically underutilized space is under the bed, mostly because it's used inefficiently when we shove things there and forget about them. Use simple plastic containers to wrangle clothing or check out how ThriftyCraftyGirl creates rolling storage with dresser drawers.
2. Stackable storage containers
Purchasing inexpensive plastic containers for clothing you don't need this season or small bins to hold shoes are great solutions for stacking in a small space. As seen at ABeautifulMess, you can label your shoe bins (or tape a pic to the outside) to quickly identify what's inside.
3. Door storage solution
This is the easiest DIY closet hack ever. Simply grab a couple of office file trays, like these seen at TheBaloneyBug, and mount them on a closet door. They're the ideal size for small items, like socks, belts, and scarves.
4. Scarf ladder
This organizational solution is a great entry-level DIY project and looks amazing, especially when "dressed up." With instructions from Natalme, you can assemble a striking storage ladder for scarves, jewelry, and other accessories in no time. 
5. Double duty furniture
If you've got a home office in your bedroom space, consider a bedside table that can do double duty as a workspace, like this idea seen at ApartmentTherapy. Just pop a chair at your combination desk/bedside table and you've created an ideal office area.
6. Bed risers
Elevate your bed and discover space you never knew you had! You'll be amazed at how much more storage bed risers allow, with very little expense and effort. Risers can be easily purchased or made at a fraction of the cost, like this project from OrganizeYourStuffNow.
7. Multipurpose hangers
Consider investing in hangers that hold more than just one item to really maximize closet space. You can get hangers for multiple pairs of pants or combo hangers that pair up a top and bottom easily. Slip a soda can tab over a hanger for the easiest closet hack ever, as seen at TheShabbyCreekCottage.
8. Over the door shoe hanger
A closet door often goes to waste when it comes to storage, so these clever over-the-door shoe hangers, as seen at BHG, do the trick nicely for organizing shoes without sacrificing floor space. Bonus: you can also tuck belts and accessories in the pockets!
9. DIY jewelry organizer
Round up your jewelry and put it on display with this cute DIY project from TheDIYMommy. With just a cutlery tray, decorative knobs, hooks, and a little paint, you can create a functional piece of decor that looks great and organizes accessories in a snap.
10. Rustic wall hook organizer
You honestly can't go wrong with hooks - they're ideal for hanging sweaters or handbags, freeing up valuable bedroom space for other items. This simple project from OurHomeNotebook utilizes hooks and a pallet board for a rustic look.
Put any of these ideas to use and your bedroom will undergo a significant transformation, no matter what the size of your space.

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