Welcome to Tiny Heirloom's Rustic Chic model

There is no question that Tiny Heirloom of Portland, Ore., has outdone themselves with this tiny house found under the heading, “Rustic Chic.” But there is one question outstanding here: Where are the beds?
See for yourself. From the strangely configured roof with the large dormers on either end to the mysterious platform living room in this trailer, it takes a bit of head-scratching to understand what the photos of this house are revealing. 
Chalk this up to the tiny house building tradition of using clever solutions to solve the basic problem of building a modern domicile with only a limited amount of space. On top of that, there is the tradition of top-end craftsmanship, which certainly seems to be a tiny house mandate. Let's take a look.
Along with the unusual roof on this trailer home, there's the design issue of having a floor that rises to make room for the trailer's wheels. This can be seen two ways: You have a shallower house above the wheels or you have a taller house in the middle, where the floor drops. 
And here's what you see on the inside. The first thing to notice -- besides the fancy chandelier, that is -- is the  extraordinarily high ceiling, which is made possible by having a dropped floor in the center of the house and by having a lower ceiling in the middle. that makes the dormer ends appear even higher than they really are.
In addition, if you are looking for the appearance of height, although the photo above doesn't quite show it, there are twin skylights, which makes it seem -- pun intended -- as if the sky was the limit in terms of interior space.
A photo of the skylights reveals how incredibly tall the ceiling can look even in a tiny house. It gives the illusion you are in a mansion, not a tiny house on wheels. 
OK, it has to be asked ... what's with that unusual platform? 
You can see, first of all, that there are stairs built into this platform that are retractable. What is less obvious is that the large "drawer" near the floor on the right-hand side in the photo above is a hide-away bed.
Simple enough: If you have a bed hidden under the platform and you have a couch that converts to the bed on top of the platform, then you have, in so many words, two invisible bedrooms in one tiny house. 
Above is a peek at that hidden bed under the platform. 
Now turn around and see the other side of this tiny home. A kitchen with beautiful counter tops on either side of the trailer is one way to double the size of a kitchen. Besides that, these marbled counter tops and all the white cabinets shine against the backdrop of the dark floor. 
In addition, yes, that's a claw-foot bathtub in the background and, yes, that's a full-sized refrigerator on the right. You can see the back end dormer on this house provides a small storage loft, used here for displaying a few candlesticks and wicker baskets.
Is this bathtub rustic or chic? (Discuss among yourselves.)
Here's one way to remember to water your plants ... put them in the shower. Every time you hop in the shower, you spritz the houseplants. Easy-peasy.
A combination washer/dryer (seen above) is a deal-breaker for some. 
And here are a couple more deal-breakers in the photos above and below.
Finally (below), what's a home if not a place to relax and be yourself? For all the fancy amenities in this tiny house (chandelier, skylights, washer/dryer, full sized refrigerator, etc.), nothing beats a couple of chairs and a sunset to let you know you're right at home.
Resources Tiny Heirloom Inc.

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