13 examples of efficient furnishing that maximize bedroom space

Being able to move out on your own doesn't always mean you have lots of space. Studio apartments, small apartments and condos are where many people start. Others choose the life of tiny living. However you end up in the tiny space, the challenge is figuring out how to live comfortably in the space you have.
Often times people want to be completely original in how they solve the problem of life in a tiny abode. That can be frustrating, though, as you may not have any idea where to start looking or what possibilities already exist. Rather than reinventing the wheel, looking at the ideas of others and adapting them to your specific situation is always the better way to go. Here are 13 ideas that may help you maximize your tiny bedroom space.
1. Lofted bed, seen on Lushome
When working in a tiny space, learning to use vertical space is important. One creative solution is building a loft and placing a bed above and below. Making a loft gives additional privacy that doesn't exist with just a bunk bed. If the lower bed is a daybed, you have the added benefit of dual function.
2. Drawer bed by The Owner Builder Network
Another option is to create a platform where the bed slides in underneath. The dresser is also built into the platform. This setup frees critical floor space and keeps your home neat and tidy.
3. An extra bed over the closet, seen on SF Girl By Bay.
If you have a guest over or a roommate, the space above the closet can be a great place to put another bed. When it's not in use, it can act as a chaise lounge.
4. Office and bedroom combination, seen on Planete Deco
Another great, space-saving idea is to create dual functioning areas. Moving the bed high and placing a desk below it turns a small space into both an office and bedroom.
5. Corner wall mounted shelf, sold on Amazon
The bedroom isn't always all about the bed. Finding ways to store books and other belongings is also important. A corner bookshelf puts what can be considered useless space to good use.
6. Headboard with storage, seen on Decoholic
Placing storage below a bed has been around for quite a while, but using the space behind the headboard is rather creative. For this to work, you need to be sure you have enough room to pull the drawers out to the side.
7. DIY Murphy desk for small kids' bedrooms by A Turtle's Life For Me
Applying the concept of a Murphy bed to a desk folds the desk and all of its contents up and out of the way when it's not in use. For small children, this frees up valuable floor space for playing.
8. Combination of bench and secret shoe storage by Overstock
This bench is designed to hold 18 pairs of shoes and can act as a bench, too. You could probably achieve the same effect with a hope chest by placing dividers inside. The top of the bench can be used for seating or whatever else is needed.
9. Multifunctional study area, seen on Hometalk
Building a small desk or table onto a bookshelf creates a great place to work. The shelves are instant storage and give you easy access to the items you need while you are working. Attaching baskets to the side of the bookshelf creates an attractive way to organize your clutter.
10. Built-in ironing cabinet for the closet by BHG.
Rather than having to store the iron and ironing board in another spot, BHG shows how to install a wall unit that has a built-in ironing board and a spot to store the iron. The unit fits into the wall, so all you need is wall space. 
11. Headboard with built-in cabinet, seen on House To Home
This design places your dresser in the headboard of your bed and acts as a divider, separating your bedroom out for some additional privacy while putting the space to good use.
12. Underbed storage solution by Apartment Therapy
If you don't want to pull your bed out every night, you can place your bed above the platform and use the space below for your dresser. By elevating the bed, you create the illusion of an extra floor and thereby, extra space. Be sure to include steps or a ladder for easy access to the bed.
13. Shelf used as nightstand by Provident Home Design
If an actual nightstand would be too overwhelming for the space you have to work with, using a small shelf on which to place your lamp will give you the same effect without the bulk. The space below the shelf can then be put to use for other items.
Whatever space you have, learning to work within it is the key to living successfully and comfortably in a tiny home. Using the ideas of those who have gone before is just plain smart.

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