10 organizational tips that will make even the smallest of closets fall into line

Almost every family has one closet that people are afraid to open. Junk gets tossed in and forgotten about; and if someone should get brave enough to open the door, the junk topples out and attacks the poor, unfortunate soul. This should never be the state of any closet. Instead, it should be a great place for storing items so that they can be easily found.
Often, restoring order to a closet is simply a matter of taking some time to organize the space. Sometimes, adding a shelf, some baskets or an additional rod can take all the terror out of looking for items in the great abyss. Below are 10 great ideas that may help you gain control over your tiny storage space.
1. Towel rack jewelry organization by House on the Way
Using a decorative towel rack with S shower curtain hooks on which to hang necklaces and bracelets is a great way to keep the jewelry untangled and organized. The pieces are also easy to see and access. Towel rods can come in short enough sizes so that they can easily fit inside a closet.
2. Drawer organization kit, seen on Amazon
Using a GGI International drawer organization kit is a great way to keep all your lingerie neat and tidy. You can also roll T-shirts and place them in one so that you can maximize the space in your drawer.
3. Built-in shelves to make the most out of a small closet by Always Never Done.
If closet space is at a premium and you don't have long dresses, you can get more out of the closet by adding shelves. This allows the space to double as a dresser.
Another option is to simply hang two clothing rods and double the hanging room, or do both, like Always Never Done. 
4. Snap-off drawer dividers by Annie Selker
The Container Store has snap-off dividers that you can custom-arrange inside your drawers. This allows you to get your organization system just right so that every drawer is perfectly organized.
5. Organize your outwear with towel racks, seen on Pinterest
If your coat closet is small, like most are, then trying to organize all the hats and gloves that go with the jackets can be a challenge. One solution is attaching towel racks to the inside of the coat closet door. S hook shower hooks can be used for scarves, or you can use circular ones as well. Curtain holders for RVs make great hat and glove holders.
6. Small closet, customized shelves by Tom Builds Stuff
If you're handy with tools, then building a custom shelving system inside your closet to meet your needs is the best way to address the tiny closet problem. Lining one side with shelves to act as a dresser or shoe tree keeps the floor from becoming hazardous. If your clothing isn't long, placing a second clothes rod doubles the hanging space.
7. Customize your closet for only $82, like Take the Side Street
Adding cubbies and rods is another great way to use otherwise wasted space. Placing baskets in the cubbies keeps the contents neatly organized and easy to pull down and work with.
8. Give your closet a makeover with baskets, like Lil Luna
Turning a closet into a storage room for backpacks and bags can be done easily with hooks and baskets. The hooks are great for jackets as well. Baskets on the shelf can be used for hats, gloves, scarves and any other loose items.
9. Organize your shoes with shelves, seen on We Heart It
Women love shoes! If you have a pair for every occasion, or wished you did, then storing the shoes can be a problem. Placing shelves in the closet and turning the shoes so that in each pair one faces forward and one faces backward, you can maximize your shelf space and make your shoes easy to find.
10. Or use coat hangers, like Charter House Interiors
For organizing shoes at the door, coat hooks on a board can be used to create order. Charter House states that if you have boots, dowel rods cut to appropriate lengths can be used for hanging the boots.
Nobody enjoys losing items in the abyss called the closet. Simply taking time to create some organization can take the terror out of this tiny spot and make it into a welcome storage place.

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