7 organization ideas that will cost you next to nothing

Sometimes the key to making a tiny space look large is simply keeping it clean, and the key to keeping any place clean is organization. Having a place for everything and putting everything in its place will keep "stuff" from piling up haphazardly around your home. 
You can purchase fancy organizer systems for just about any space in your house either online or in a store, but you will be paying for somebody else's labor and overhead. Often, finding just the right system for your needs or space can be frustrating. Creating custom organizers allows you to save money and make the piece fit perfectly in your space. Check out the ideas below.
1. DIY custom drawer organizers by Beckham & Belle. 
Building custom cubbies for your dresser drawers out of hardboard or plywood can turn a mangled heap into great cubicles for each item.
2. Easy DIY jewelry organizer by FashionEdible. 
Trying to find a way to keep earrings and necklaces organized can be a challenge. An inexpensive solution is taking a branch from a tree that is sturdy enough to sustain some weight. Spray paint it whatever color will go with your room. To attach it to the wall, wind some twine around the base of the branch and drive a nail through the twine, attaching the branch to the wall. Repeat that step near the top of the branch. Once it's on the wall, you can start hanging jewelry on it.
3. DIY tiered organization tray for the bathroom by Liz Marie Blog
To create a tray holder for any room of the house, you will need candlestick holders, Super Glue and trays. Glue the base of one candlestick to top of one tray, and the top of the candlestick to the bottom of another tray. Once your trays are assembled, you can organize your items on it.
4. DIY crate storage by DIY Playbook
For something super simple, get some wooden crates and binder clips. Arrange the crates to create cubbies to store items and simply clip them together with the binder clips.
5. DIY storage bins made out of recycled containers by Make it Love it
To contain little odds and ends, the bottoms of plastic containers make great storage bins. Peel the label off the outside of the container and cut the plastic to form a little bucket. Be sure to carve a hole in order to hang the container on the wall. This saves counter space. Attach knobs to a strip of wood and hang your containers on the knobs.
6. DIY scarves organizer made out of curtain shower rings by From The Desk
Scarves can be addicting accessories. How to store them can be a problem. This solution just costs the amount of shower curtain rings. Attach the rings to a hanger and slip your scarves through the ring.
7. Bathroom cabinet organization by The Orderly Home.
Stackable baskets make perfect organizers under the bathroom sink. They come in various sizes, so they can fit inside most cabinets. Once placed, sort your items and organize.
Bringing order has never been so easy. You can kiss lost items goodbye as chaos is banished from your tiny kingdom and neatness is restored.

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