10 terrific folding tables that will let you take advantage of every single inch of your house

When living in a tiny space, whether it's a tiny home, container home or apartment, learning how to take advantage of every inch of space within the house is important. Everybody has need of a table. Besides being the place you eat, you can also use it for a desk or prep. area for food or other tasks.
When you don't need your table, though, it sits in the room, taking up valuable floor space. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that early forms of the drop-leaf table have been around since the 17th century. The dropping sides made the piece easier to move off to the side and out of the way when not in use. Since that time, man has come up with some even more creative ways to save space by folding a table.
1. Space-saving folding table by James Ward Beach Huts.
When not in use, this table folds down neatly against the wall. The leg that supports the table swings in towards the wall making the table one neat package. Built into the side space are drawers that are perfect for storing napkins, silverware, and salt and pepper.
2. Desk and dining table combination by Ana White
When not in use, this table splits into two pieces and slides against the wall. The individual pieces make great desks and can be moved wherever the individuals want to work. 
When it's time to eat, simply place the desks back-to-back. You now have a great table for four.
3. Drop-down table with storage by Apartment Therapy
"The Apartment Book" has a set of instructions for building the "Silent Butler" pictured below. Attached to the wall, the "Butler" has cubbies to hold plates and glasses, but the front drops down to form the table. Everything for eating can be kept in one simple space.
4. Mirror folding table by Handymania
Placing the supports for a table around the outside of a wall mirror is a great way to create a dual-purpose table. When you are ready to eat, pull the mirror forward, letting the frame become the legs for the table.
5. Cabinet and folding table combination seen on Homedit
This is a slimmer version of the "Silent Butler." All your dishes go on the shelves, and the table covers them when not in use. Bring the table down to eat and access the dishes.
6. Folding craft table, seen on Architecture and Design
Another cabinet with a table over the front, this design has shelves with rails. Rather than store your dishes in the cabinet, you may choose to place spices or smaller items on the shelves.
7. Origami drop-leaf table by Crate & Barrel
The drop-leaf table compresses by folding down the sides when they are not in use. The center that is left can act as a shelf when the rest of the table is not in use.
8. Folding table that doubles as a couch, seen on Homedit
This couch transforms into a table for four. The cushions can be removed and also used for seats.
9. DIY, space-saving, drop-down table by Woodworking for Mere Mortals
This table is slim. No storage is behind it. When closed, it simply transforms into a work of art. Open the doors and drop the table for use. When you're finished, fold it up and put it away.
10. "Tuc-Away" folding table by Solutions
The Tuc-Away Table must have one end slid under a piece of furniture to give it stability. Once that is done, simply lift the table leaf, and it's ready to use. Since it's mobile, it can be used in any room of the house.
Finding a way to place a table in a small space has never been easier. With so many different ideas available, you really only have to decide which one works best for you.

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