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Touring the country in a bus may not sound like an ideal vacation for most. Cramped quarters and annoying seatmates can make a long trek across the nation. But, this bus tour isn't your typical ride. Will Hitchcock and his fiancée Alyssa took an old bus, turned it into a house on wheels and headed on an adventure they chronicle on their Outside Found Facebook page. 
The couple, set to be married in September, purchased an old school bus in 2014. They've converted 37-foot-bus into a home they can take with them on the road. They run their tech consulting business from "home" so they have more freedom to explore bike and hiking trails on their downtime. Check out how they converted this bus into a comfortable home!
The front of the bus doubles as a mud room when the bus it's not on the road. They left the original seat on the bus but added a nice seat cover so it blends in with the rest of their décor. They added above-the-window-storage to avoid wasted space. 
They converted the area that formerly held bus seats into a living room/dining area. The table folds down to give their dog a little more running room. They added extra storage underneath the couch. 
This fold-down breakfast table provides plenty of space to read and eat, with excellent views. It folds away in a snap when they need extra floor space. 
Will and Alyssa used rope lights along the top of the ceiling for a simple lighting solution at night. The open windows provide plenty of natural light during the day. 
When you are living on a bus, you put storage where you can get it. This simple solution hides away personal items and provides extra seating room when friends come to visit. 
No home is complete without a kitchen. The surprisingly spacious room includes an RV refrigerator, a propane stove and a water heater. Their-counter-top oven is small enough to stash away when the bus is on the move. 
This bus doesn't feel like a house on a bus because they've taken care to add personal touches to the home. Just because you are living on the road, doesn't mean you don't want a comfortable place to relax at night. 
A small pantry is tucked to the side of the kitchen. It provides enough room for the basic essentials. 
Since they work from home, Will and Alyssa need office space. The built-in desks are tucked across the way from the kitchen. The office/kitchen combo works well as they can utilize the space for either activity as needed. The coolest part of this bus is that all of the electrical is solar powered. The equipment needed to run the power is also stored in the office space. 
The bedroom is simple but elegant and cozy. A comfortable memory foam mattress and floating shelves make this space cozy. The bed includes two shelves tucked in front so they have space to store some clothing. 
The bathroom is small but functional. A tiny shower and a composting toilet meet all their hygiene needs. The couple focused on simplicity and functionality in this space so they could have room for other areas of the home. 
The shower really is quite cozy, but it definitely encourages water and time-saving showers! 
Believe it or not, they even found room for a garage. The back of the bus is stuffed with backpacks, bikes, and other items they need to hit the trails when they reach their destination!  You can follow their adventure as they travel cross country on their Outside Found blog
Do you think you could live on this bus for a year? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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