15 solutions to perfectly organize your pantry

Is your pantry a certifiable disaster? Whether your pantry is a full-out mess or could just use a little organizational help, there are plenty of clever and cost-effective solutions for getting everything in order.
These ideas should give you all the inspiration you need to get your pantry perfectly organized without a lot of time, effort, or need to break the bank for extensive storage solutions. Use all or some of the tips to find a place for everything.
1. Clear storage containers
Mix it up with stackable containers of various sizes, putting everything in clear view while keeping the contents sealed, fresh, and organized. Printable labels pull the entire look together.
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2. Baskets
There's almost nothing more pleasing to the eye than baskets that keep everything in their place in the most adorable way, like these shown on HGTV. Organize baskets by food groupings, such as snacks, condiments, baking supplies, pastas and rice, and more.
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3. Wire shelving systems
If you've got an empty closet space without existing shelving, consider these easy-to-install wire units, as seen on LifeOutsidetheBox. With a blank slate, you can customize the space to accommodate taller items or keep the shelves closer together for smaller canned products.
4. Mason jars

Is there any problem that mason jars can't solve? As seen at YummyMummyKitchen, they seal dry goods like a dream and are clear so you can quickly see what's on the shelf at a glance. Label your jars to indicate freshness dates or cooking instructions. 
5. Creative pantry space

If you're struggling to find an area to store your pantry items, this is a great fix that uses very little space and can also be tucked out of sight. A total win-win! This rolling pantry project from DIYPassion is a clever solution for a small area you might have overlooked.
6. Area for kitchen tools and utensils
A pantry isn't always just for food storage. You can also make use of the area for utensils and tools, especially those that might not get quite as much everyday use, like grill items or baking supplies. This simple project from BHG is the perfect way to hang utensils out of the way.
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7. Door storage
If you've got a pantry door that's not being put to good use, you may be overlooking some valuable storage real estate. These wire storage shelves, seen at It'sOverflowing, are super easy to install and provide an ideal space for cans, jars, bottles, and other small items.
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8. Pan and cutting board organizer
We love this handy way to easily store cookie sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks, and cutting boards. As seen at RealSimple, an everyday desk organizer can quickly be popped into a pantry space for some vertical storage.
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9. Shelf risers
As seen at MomEndeavors, these elevated shelf risers allow you to easily identify what's in the back row, rather than crowding a shelf with items that you have to sort through to find what you're looking for.
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10. Tin canisters
An easy DIY repurposing project! Use cookie tins or holiday popcorn canisters for a durable and attractive pantry storage container. In this project from AllThoseDetails, the tin is repurposed for cookie cutter storage.
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11. Magazine organizers
Love to hang onto cooking and home magazines, but don't have the space to keep them neatly? What about a place to store recipe binders and cookbooks? This inexpensive solution, seen at TwoTwentyOne, makes quick work of holding everything in an easy-to-access place while looking great.
12. Lazy Susan
A Lazy Susan turntable is a great addition to your pantry if you have the space. It only takes a quick spin to find exactly what you're looking for, like this DIY project spotted at NotingGrace.
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13. Can racks
Can racks aren't just for soda - they actually make a great organizer for canned goods or glass jars, like soups and tuna, or jams and jellies. This use of two racks at PrettyWellOrganized, placed side by side, makes everything accessible and frees up space for other items.
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14. Clever chip clips
This is genius! After clipping your half-eaten chip bags, use a simple s-hook to hang them from a closet organizer system or another storage hook. SavingtheFamilyMoney shows how easy it is to store your bags and keep everything fresh.
15. Inventory system
The best way to keep track of what's going on in your pantry is to take inventory. It's also a great way to periodically clean out things that may have expired and determine what items need to be put on the shopping list. Simply laminate an inventory sheet, pop it on a clipboard, and hang it in the pantry, like this one seen at BHG.
These DIY storage solutions should have your pantry in top form in no time!

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