13 examples of multifunctional furniture that not only save space, but double it

Whether you have a traditional sized home or a tiny home, space always seems to be an issue; and finding ways to keep what space you do have clean and uncluttered also seems to be a problem. Solutions for these issues have been around as long as the problem itself: the Murphy bed, trundle beds, drop-leaf tables, Futons, etc.
Today, mankind may have more technology to work with, so his solutions may get more sophisticated, but what all of the solutions have in common is saving space. Whether items shrink somehow to become smaller or simply transform into a second useful item, creating extra space and reducing clutter is the goal. Below are 13 pieces of furniture that have more than one function and help save space.
1. DIY multifunctional iron station by Cathy Home Style.
This ironing station has the ironing board on top and plenty of storage space below to keep the iron, starch and other laundry supplies. If you don't have cupboards for all your supplies, this could be a great solution.
2. Multifunctional combination of desk and cabinet, seen on Found My Room's Pinterest.  
Much like a Chinese puzzle box, this creative solution has a desk and chair built into the cabinet. When the desk and chair are not in use, place the desk on top of the cabinet and slide the chair into its space, making one compact item. Another option is a file cabinet with a drop leaf desk attached. The chair, again, slides into its own storage place in the cabinet when not in use.
3. Modular multifunctional sofa by Formabilio
The sofa below is constructed so that the arms detach, making a single chair and a chaise lounge. When all the pieces are assembled, the couch sits three comfortably. When broken into separate pieces, you gain seating for an additional two.
4. Reclaimed wood, convertible shelf, and table by Dot & Bo
The table by Dot & Bo stores as a bookshelf or comes together to form a kitchen table. This design is great for entertaining. When your company leaves, turn it back into a shelf and replace your objects on the shelves.
5. "Dryunder," the balcony table that doubles as a drying rack by Nordvink
If you have limited outdoor space and want to be able to eat outside, but you also like to dry your clothes on a line, this table combines a clothesline with a table. To turn it into a drying rack, slide the top back to expose the clothesline. When you take your clothes off of the line, close your table back up.
6. Side table, lounge bed and guest bed combination seen on Go Downsize
For tiny home dwellers, a bed-in-a-box gives a great number of options for the home without taking up a lot of space. Closed, it becomes a table. Remove the top to make a low-standing table. The seat itself can be a single chair, a chaise lounge, or a single bed.
7. Convertible sofa, seen on Fresh Ideen
By day, this piece of furniture is a sofa to curl up on and read. By night, it can pull out to make into a bed.
8. Convertible mirror, seen on Wood Workerz
A full-length mirror is necessary to check that everything is in place before you leave the house. Combining a mirror and kitchen table is genius.  
The legs come out and lock into place to create a table that seats four easily. When finished, fold it back up and place it where you can use the mirror. 
9. Nobuhiro Teshima's extra-long extendable table, seen on Apartment Therapy
If you enjoy entertaining larger groups, this box contains a table that seats eight. The table is accordion-style and easily pulls out. Its Japanese design removes the need for chairs. The guests can sit on the floor and easily eat at the table. The cabinetry above the table storage is great for dishes or games.
10. Extendable mobile kitchen island by Kenchikugako
The Mobile Apartment is comprised of three pieces of furniture that are designed to fold into compact rectangles and roll to the side, out of the way of the main living space. The kitchen includes a hot plate, sink and recipe rack. The "guest bedroom" includes a built-in work space. When opened and expanded, the office has shelves, a desk and a chair.
11. Multifunctional rocker by Dawanda
The "rainbow rocker" is a versatile toy for the kids. Besides being a rocker, it can be flipped over and become something to crawl on or under. On its side, the imagination can turn it into a store. Add a blanket, and the rocker becomes a fort. 
12. Multifunctional combination of stool and shelf by Noon Studio
Each piece of this shelving unit can be moved around to change the form and function of the piece. Place all the solid sides up to form a table. Break each piece apart for nine stools. Keep some together to make shelves and a coffee table, and keep others as individual seats. The possibilities are limited by your imagination and the number of stools you have to work with.
13. Coffee table and desk combination by John Strand
For people who need a desk but don't have the space for both it and a coffee table, John Strand offers this solution. The lid of the coffee table rises to become a desk. A built-in cavity beneath the lid is a great place to store magazines, blankets and other items that would normally sit on a coffee table.
Each of the above pieces is designed to maximize the working space within a home. Imagination and innovation will be what drive people to solve the problem of how to make the most out of the space they have.

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