13 awesome ways to turn inexpensive office supplies into perfect organizers

Does getting your home in order feel daunting? Do you keep putting off your organization plans because you don't have enough money to buy bins and other tools? Look no further (and procrastinate no longer), you may already have what you need at home. And if you don't, these clever organization hacks can be accomplished on a budget!  
Check out a few of these clever solutions using items most people already have on hand. (You may want to raid your child's backpack or the home office for a few of these items.) 
1. Reorganize your fridge with file organizers by The Cards We Drew
Snag three cheap, plastic hanging shelves from a local store. Spray paint them to match your decor. Attach them to the fridge using several round magnets (you can find these at a craft store). You could also hot glue the shelves to the fridge if you don't mind a more permanent solution. Use these folders to organize bills, permission slips or coupons. 
2. Stack your pans with file organizers by Martha Stewart
Keep your plan cupboard neat and tidy with a file organizer. Just turn a sturdy file organizer on its side and stack your pans. Now you can just grab what you need without turning the entire cupboard inside out. If you want more stability, attach them to the inside of the cupboard with screws. 
3. Organize pasta or other food boxes with documents organizer, seen on Vitamin-Ha
Head to your local dollar store and snag a plastic magazine holder of two. You can keep your pasta organized. The magazine holder is the perfect size for the slim noodle boxes. 
4. Organize your onions and potatoes with document organizers as Mimi's Crafty World
Snag some sturdy document holders to keep your potatoes and onions secure. This is an easy way to keep your veggies from rolling all over the place, plus the vented sides ensure your potatoes and onions have enough air flow, so they won't mold quickly. 
5. Organize your towels as Real Coake

Snag a file sorter and flip it on its side. Store rolled up washcloths and hand towels in a neat stack. Alternatively, you could attach this to a wall or the back of your bathroom door if you need a little extra storage space. 
6. Keep your makeup organized with file organizers as seen on Seventeen

Snag a cardboard magazine holder to keep your beauty items in order. The size of this holder is perfect for brushes, straighteners and curling irons. This box will keep your items standing up so they are easy to find when you're getting ready in a hurry. 
7. Create a mail station with file organizers and magazine holders, seen on Pinterest

If you are feeling a little more crafty, try this fun project. Use three file holders (or magazine holders) and a wood plank to create an adorable mail/office center. If you don't want to hang it on your wall, try sitting this on an entryway table to keep your mail and keys organized. 
8. Repurpose a magazine holder as a shelf by Design Sponge

Take advantage of any extra space you have with this fun storage solution. Attach a magazine holder to the corner of a wall in your office or entryway. Use the top to hold notes and slip your cell phone, keys, wallets and/or charges inside. You'll be able to grab what you need quickly and have a handy storage solution that doesn't take up too much room. 
9. Organize your pantry like PBJ Stories
Sometimes all it takes is looking at something from a different angle. Flip a magazine holder on it's back and it becomes simple storage for your canned fruits and veggies. You can easily stack your cans so you see what you have (and how much you have). Plus, they take up way less space stacked like this. 
10. Decorate and organize turning magazine holders into a coffee table, like Ikea Hackers

If you've got a bit of time on your hand and some wood glue, this funky piece may just work. Attach the wood magazine holders together using wood glue. Attach the table top to an artist's stool with screws and presto! The funky table is perfect for storing small office items and it doesn't take up much space. 
11. Turn a mail sorter into a cleaning supplies organizer as Organizing Home Life

Keep your cleaning rags organized with a small mail sorter. All you need to do is label each section. This is the perfect solution for keeping your icky toilet sponge away from your mirror or sink! 
12. Create a tea organizer as Ikea Hackers

We love this idea! Create a fun morning nook with two sturdy magazine holders. You'll need to attach them to the wall with anchors and screws so you don't lose your favorite coffee mug. But, the adorable corner nook is a great way to add personality to your decor and create a functional storage 
13. Organize your shoes with documents organizers, seen on A Little Craft In Your Day
Don't you just hate when your flip flops get squished in the closet? Keep your sandals and flats organized with a few mail sorters. Slip a pair into each divided section. For a fun touch, look for older styles to add a bit of whimsy to your closet. 
What's your favorite storage solution? Share your thoughts in the comments below.