10 amazing ways of turning your ceiling into your best friend in organization

For homes that have 400 square feet (37 square meters) or less, storage space is critical. Every inch you can eke out becomes as precious as gold. Although many people collect a lot of "stuff" that isn't necessary and just clutters up their space and life, the truth of the matter is that some things exist that you simply cannot do without.
If you have a 400-square-foot-home, then you have 400 square feet (37 square meters) of ceiling space that is not being put to use. Rather than letting it go to waste, some homeowners have come up with some amazing ways to put that "useless" space to good use. Ten of the best ceiling organization plans are shared below.
 1. DIY ceiling drawers, by The Family Handyman
A drop-down shelf from the ceiling allows you to use the space when you want, and put it up and out of the way when the items are not in use. Be sure to place guards on the shelves so that items don't fall off as the shelf is raised and lowered.

2. Use the ceiling to organize your books, seen on Apartment Therapy
If your ceiling is high enough so that you don't feel too closed in when you get finished, you can section off your ceiling and add some shelves. The shelves can then hold books or other items, making your ceiling work for you.
3. Keep your pans and pots organized with the help of a reclaimed item, like this old sled seen on Pinterest
Since cupboard space is often limited in tiny homes, using valuable space to store pots and pans may not be the best use of your cupboards. You could, instead, get creative and hang an old sled from the ceiling to act as a hanging pot organizer. If you already have the sled, this saves you both money and space.

4. Store wrapping paper and other items in the closet ceiling, seen on Lovelyish
Wrapping paper is one of those necessary evils of life, and storing it can be a real challenge. Lovelyish shares the idea of stringing some wire or elastic between two boards in the ceiling. Make sure the distance between the two wires is about six inches (15 cm) less than the length of your wrapping paper. Simply slide your paper under the wire and store it until you need it.
5. Organize your laundry room with these ceiling shelves by Design Dining and Diapers
Taryn uses pipes suspended from the ceiling to create shelves and a rod in her laundry room. With this system, you can add extra shelves as you need them and customize the width of the shelves. By hanging them from the ceiling, you save your floor and wall space for more restrictive items.
6. Store your clutter away with the help of this DIY rack by The Family Handyman
Suspending wire shelving between the beams of the ceiling creates space that can hold plastic storage bins. You can organize all kinds of sundry items in the bins and keep the space nice and neat.
7. Create a laundry rack, like Little Lucy Lu
Suspending a ladder from the ceiling creates a great space to hang items. You can use it in a laundry room or in the kitchen for pots and pans.
8. Save space and organize your clothes with this bed headboard seen on Homedit
Making use of the space at the head of the bed is also wise. Pipes from the floor to ceiling make the perfect framework for shelves and a clothes rod.
9. Create a bin storage on the ceiling, by The Family Handyman
Hanging storage bins from your ceiling creates a lot of extra storage space. Since the bins slide in and out like drawers, they are easy to access.
10. Solve the lack of closet with this free-standing clothing rack seen on Homedit
Another way to save space and keep your clothes organized is to hang your clothes rod from the ceiling. Insert eye bolts into beams in the ceiling. From those you can attach wire that will hold the clothes rod. 
With so many ways to save space, you can live in tiny spaces and still feel spacious. Just because you choose to live tiny doesn't mean you have to feel cramped.

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