Peek inside this tiny cottage: it's only 700 square feet

Do you think you could live in 700 square feet? Well this laneway house, which is a Canadian term for guest house, is only 707 square feet but still manages to squeeze in everything you need. The home includes a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus an enclosed garage! It's full of creative storage and beautiful finishes.
It was built by TSL Laneway Homes, a full service builder in Vancouver that makes custom laneway houses with a personal touch. As they describe it on their website, "meticulously built nail by nail, frame by frame, not prefabricated." This home proves that small space living doesn't have to be a sacrifice. Check out the full tour below!
The main floor is an open living space that includes the living room and kitchen. Plenty of built-in cabinetry provide neat and tidy storage. A large mirror, like the one above the sofa, is a great way to make a small room feel more spacious.
The new flooring, fabricated to look like reclaimed wood, gives character and a vintage look to the home. Stainless steel appliances and recessed lighting add a sleek and contemporary twist.
Both bedrooms and bathrooms are on the second story. Little custom touches, like the modern vanity and tiled back splash above the sink, help the small bathroom feel luxurious.
This bedroom has access to an upper deck. An enviable feature that lets in natural light, allows a cool breeze, and provides lovely views. The vaulted ceiling adds extra character to the space.
The second bathroom has a matching vanity, mirror, and light fixture as the first. It's important to create continuity in a small home with finishes and color schemes.
The second bedroom is tiny yet comfortable thanks to vaulted ceilings, a bright window, and a built-in storage space.
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