Tiny homes without stairs; 6 examples of why we love bungalows

Properties with stairs can be overrated - what could be better than a house all on one level? Especially if you have health care issues that might prevent you from tackling the stairs as often as you need to.
Never fear though, the bungalow is here! With a range of designs from modern to cozily classic, the one floor home is growing in popularity for the ease of construction, the conduciveness to a cohesive interior decor plan and the way they suit all manner of plots. Read on to see our pick of the bunch.
1. Simple modern cabin home by Houseplans
This 640 square foot (60 square meters) property is compact in the best possible way. The open-plan living and dining areas look out onto a spacious outer deck, covered and with additional storage available. On one side of the main living space, a bedroom with added loft beds should you require, is situated by the bathroom. On the other side, a spare room can be used as needed, whether that is a guest room, study space or otherwise.
2. Charming country cottage by ePlans
This cute country cottage measures in at 540 square feet (50 square meters) and is ideal for a small family or a couple who require a guest bedroom. With an open and airy living, dining and kitchen area, the property is great for entertaining and filled with natural light. The outer porch is covered and makes a great spot to sit of an evening with a cold one, or to relax out in the morning and take in the view.
3. Traditional three bedroom house by Family Home Plans
A spectacular property for a family, this three bedroom property measures 1000 square feet (93 square meters) and has everything you could require in a home. With two garage bays and additional built-in storage at the front of the house, the porch leads you in to an open living and dining area. These can be opened up to the patio outside, or followed around the corner to discover the compact kitchen. At the other side of the house are three bedrooms, each with built-in storage and access one of two bathrooms.
4. Playful modern cottage from Houseplans
This 800 square foot (74 square meters) tiny house plan both indoor and outdoor space, with a huge wraparound porch ideal for family days outside grilling, or entertaining friends and family. Inside, a well-appointed open-plan living, dining and kitchen area are a great place to relax and unwind after a hard day. The two bedrooms are located at the back of the property, both double sized and with excellent access to the full-size bathroom between them.
5. Craftsman-style country cottage from ePlans
This 697 square foot (65 square meters) property has prairie design elements to it and is well-conceptualised for an efficient layout. A covered porch entrance way leads directly into the main room which is flanked by a private bathroom and utility closet. The kitchen is a separate room, fully equipped and with backdoor access. The master bedroom is double sized and located at the back of the house.
6. Charming country house by Family Home Plans
A dinky little cottage, measuring 676 square feet (63 square meters), with a large covered porch at the front of the property. Inside, the dining, living and kitchen areas are all open-plan, the better to allow light and air to circulate for a comfortable atmosphere. At the rear of the house, a large double bedroom with built-in storage adjoins a separate laundry room and leads onwards to a bathroom.