Can you believe this unassuming trailer house contains this much elegance?

Created by Czech Republic architects at Miramari Design, which operates out of Prague, this modern day caravan, called the Maringotka, shows that contemporary can be just as appealing as quaint or old-fashioned in the community of tiny homes.
The benefit of contemporary designs is quickly evident in this sleek-looking tiny house with the slightly rounded roof line. It would look at home in a modern enclave, but it looks pretty grand in a country setting, as well. The interior is spacious, uncluttered and clean and the humble roof line is soft and expressive.
Very quickly, however, you will see that the 258-square-feet Maringotka is also a contemporary showpiece. The layout is simple and comes with the option of a second sleeping compartment that can also be used as a second dining niche. The one in the photos here has just the one sleeping berth, but you can see that it is as luxurious as it gets for a tiny house. Let's have a look.
This contemporary home's look is almost unflattering on the outside. There are design elements that make it an interesting looking building, but it's the interior that holds most of the dazzle.
Things look a bit more intriguing as you come closer to the house, which is all of 258-square feet in size. However, this house on wheels is not allowed to be designated as an RV in the Czech Republic, as it is slightly too wide to be street legal. It can be moved, but only with special permits.
A look at the kitchen above. You can see it has a three-burner propane stove and plenty of cabinets. 
Above is a great look at the interior space, including the substantial dining table on the left and the corner nook for the wood stove. You can  also see the two wicker baskets that appear to be ready to be used as dining room chairs. The baskets, which do double time as storage bins, also serve to soften the edgy look of the contemporary lines in this space -- something of an organic touch in a sterile-looking environment.
Above is the reverse look at the big room. The big round window is stunning, taking up a major section of the far wall and it is lightly embraced by the curve of the roof. This shot also gives a second look at the modern ceiling lamps.
Above is a detail shot of the big room on the left and a peek at the bathroom on the right.
That's one of the most inviting -- and one of the largest -- beds around with plenty of elbow room and a very tall ceiling for a tiny house. And just imagine a full moon outside that window -- splendid.
Despite the small number of windows, this  is a bright house on the inside and a handsome structure from any angle on the outside.

'Such a lovely little magical place to stay,' says a fan on Trip Advisor.
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