10 awesome ideas to turn any door into your best ally in organization 

When living in a tiny space, the key to living successfully in the amount of space you have is learning how to maximize what you have to work with. Items that have multiple purposes are great. Figuring out how to use dead space above shelves, cabinets and refrigerators and under any stairs turn wasted space into useful space.
The back side of a door, whether it's a cabinet door, closet door or room door, is another dead space that often gets overlooked. Below is a collection of 10 awesome ideas that takes the dead space on your door and turns it into some amazing storage space, making what was formerly useless, useful.
 1. Repurpose a shower caddy to organize your spices, by LutzExpertTera. 
If you need a spice rack for a narrow cabinet, someone posted on Imgur that a shower caddy is narrow enough to fit on the door of a narrow cabinet, and the shelves on the caddy are perfect for holding spices.
2. Organize your crafts in no time with Hi Sugar Plum!
For those who love to do crafts but can't devote an entire room to their hobby, Cassie recommends using the White Elfa Gift Wrap Door System to organize your crafting supplies. You need a wide door; but once the system is hung over the door, simply separate out your craft supplies and organize away.
3. Turn the entire door into an oversized spice rack, seen on The Owner Builder Network
For those who love to cook and use lots of spices, turning the back of the kitchen or pantry door into a large spice rack may be the solution you need. It will keep your spices neatly organized and easy to find all at once.
4. Install a toiletries shelf over the bathroom door, by Martha Stewart
Rather than keeping the extra bathroom supplies in a hard-to-reach place, or not having any on hand at all, Martha Stewart suggests building a shelf above the bathroom door. Simply install a pre-built shelf above the door, allowing the bottom of the shelf to rest on the top molding of the door. All your extra supplies can be neatly stored on the shelf, easy to reach.
5. Organize your cleaning supplies closet in no time with The 36th Avenue
The 36th Avenue shares her secret to a clean and organized cleaning closet. Using shoe organizers to hang over the door and inside the closet, she places her supplies into the pouches. Everything can be easily seen and found. The space is neat, orderly and space friendly.
6. Add shelves to a closet door, by Ana White
Ana White built custom shelves on her closet door. Her site gives the instructions. Her one caution is that if you want to have wheels on the bottom, make sure you get a good quality and the correct height; otherwise, the wheels become more of a hindrance than a help. If all you place on the shelves are light items, you don't need wheels at all.
7. Attach a ribbon memo board to any cabinet door to keep coupons organized by Momtastic. 
To create a place to tuck coupons, notes, recipes and other sundry items, turning the inside of a cabinet into an organizer is a great idea. Take a foam board and cut it to the size you want. Choose whatever ribbons you want to use to create your pockets. Momtastic points out that ribbon with the wire in the edge doesn't lay as flat as plain ribbon. Start at the top of the  board and attach each piece of ribbon with duct tape. Make sure the ribbon wraps all the way around the edges of the board. Do a final tape of all raw edges on the back of the board, hang it to your cabinet, and you are ready to go.
8. Organize your linen closet, by Better Homes and Gardens. 
To better organize your linen closet, Better Homes and Gardens recommends labeling shelves according to what you use. Place bulky items that you seldom use on the top shelf. Use baskets for loose items. Roll towels and washcloths so they take less space. Install towel rods on the inside of the closet door on which to hang things you don't want wrinkled.
9. Organize your lids on the pantry door by Worthing Count Blog
The lids to your pots and pans can be easily stored and organized by installing curtain rods to the back of your pantry door. Simply "hang" your lids neatly and out of sight.
10. Add a shelf to a closet door, seen on HellaWella
HellaWella also recommends building shelves on the inside of the closet door to increase storage space. These shelves are well constructed and don't need wheels.
Taking a little bit of time to get organized ends up saving time in the end. Having everything in a set place means you don't spend time searching for items later. Frustration is also removed. Organization is an investment that just keeps on paying.

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