Take a tour of the Vale de Vila shipping container retreat

Vale de Vila by Studio ArTe is a prototype shipping container building meant for "nomad living." According to Design Boom, the prototype container is located in Algarve, Portugal although Studio ArTe's site states that the company is based in both Portugal and The Netherlands. It's "mission is to create environments that will astonish you and push your imagination forward, surpassing all expectations."
Design Boom states that the company's desire is to show how shipping containers are really quite versatile and can be used for start-up homes, holiday retreats, guest rooms, home offices or even hotel rooms. With that in mind, the Vale de Vila is comprised of one shipping container, 255 square feet (23.7 square meters), and contains a living area, eating space and bathroom. 
The main living space has large glass windows that open onto the deck. The windows not only allow in a large amount of natural light, but they also allow those inside to enjoy the outdoors and give the illusion of spaciousness.
The Villa has large decks that surround three sides of the home, extending the amount of usable space. Curtains can be pulled for some privacy. 
The eating area also has windows that look out to the porch and outside sitting area.
The bright orange exterior makes the home easy to find, but the curtains help tosoften the color. Beauty surrounds the home, making this a great place to get away from everything and enjoy some time relaxing in the hammock with a good book.
Shipping containers are hardy and versatile. No time has to be spent erecting a costly structure. Simply place the container and then insulate, design and decorate. The nomad may be able to have a fairly permanent home through the use of one of these containers, yet.
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