Step inside the refined haven that is the Miter Box

Have you ever wanted to live inside a home that is sophisticated, mobile, and efficient? Then the mighty Miter Box may be the best choice for you. 
Named for its commitment to the finer details, the Miter Box is just one of the many masterpieces crafted by Shelter Wise, a tiny house building company based in Portland, Oregon. This was the very first home that they built, and the company is still very proud of their creation.  
And they should be proud. The Miter Box is a work of art. It is fully handcrafted, made from a mixture of reclaimed woods, rubber cork and different types of metals. Shelter Wise succeeded in their goal of creating a modern, simple and energy efficient home that features everything that anyone needs to immerse themselves in tiny living.  
The pictures speak for themselves. Come and join us on a tour of this enchanting treasure box, and you will see what we mean. 
The outside is exquisite, isn’t it? Polished wooden walls, awning style windows, and blended metallic details work together to create a very elegant design. Instead of having a typical entryway, the Miter House invites you into your own secret getaway with a door that, with some strategic maneuvering, can be easily concealed from prying eyes. It is a nice artistic touch to the overall package, with the added benefit of some much needed privacy.
And the inside is even better.The wood and metals, along with the creamy walls and gray seating really make the entire house gleam like a jewelry box, don’t you think?  
Within the tiny wheeled home’s 150 square feet (13.5 square meters) there is a small kitchen, a bed loft and a bathroom. There is also plenty of creative storage space and interesting lighting fixtures along the house too. 
Here is a closer look at the kitchen area. It is simple, yet so pristine. The inconspicuous lighting fixtures are a really nice touch to the interiors, giving the walls an added geometric dimension that enhances the Miter Box's modernity. 
To the right of the kitchen is the dining area.  
Do you know what’s great about this dining space? The hydraulic dining table converts to a full queen sized bed... 
Like this! Shelter Wise really went to great lengths to ensure that the Miter Box is a gift that keeps on giving. Anyone who has a precious little Miter Box of their own can invite guests to spend the night in their tiny abode as there is plenty of room for company. 
See that metal door, right next to the entrance? That is where the bathroom is. 
As you can see, the immaculate wood-metallic motif prevails in the bathroom. But it is the smaller, finer, details that are worthy of mention. Firstly, it only took a few decorative stones to make the Miter Box bathroom look like luxurious spa.  
Secondly, the bathroom is very much a labor of efficiency. Just look at the strategic placement of the toilet and shower - there is not a lot of space between them, but everything just seems to work so soundly.  
We have already alluded to the fact that the Miter Box is filled with creative storage spacing. Here is an example of this in practice. This concealed closet right next to the bathroom could be a great place to store bathrobes, towels, or even a spare change of clothes that you can easily grab before taking a shower.
Our final stop is the bedroom loft. 
The upstairs sleeping area just engulfs you with comfort. Simplicity is key in this cozy spot, which is filled with a bed that you can snuggle into as soon as you reach your snoozing destination.  
You too could have your own treasure box to call home. While this particular model has already been sold, Shelter Wise continues to build custom-made Miter Boxes just like it.   
Shelter Wise took a great deal of care when crafting the Miter Box, and it shows.  The gorgeous design and attention to detail truly make this wheeled home a desirable living space that anyone would be eager to claim as their own.  
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