7 extremely functional examples of space-saving furniture for your kitchen

Having a tiny kitchen easily leads to disorganization, but with a few of these functional space-saving pieces, you can gain a little extra floor space and add a pop of personality to your cooking space. Getting a few extra feet of moving room in your small space can make a world of difference. Get a kitchen you want to work in with a few of these neat ideas. 
From surprisingly spacious cabinets to creative dish drying solutions, you'll find a myriad of practical ideas for turning your kitchen into a workable room, no matter how small it is. Take your kitchen to a new level without a ton of construction: 
1. Extendible island, seen on Houzz
In tiny kitchens, creating a bit of extra counter space with movable island is a great solution that allows flexibility. The shaker-style cabinet slides away when you need more floor space and moves out to add counter space when you're dicing and slicing. 
2. Built-in drying rack, seen on Homedit
We love this genius idea! The bamboo drying rack is built in behind the sink, a space that is typically wasted. This frees up major counter space and makes an attractive feature piece. Choose a wood, like bamboo, that withstands water to prevent mold from growing. 
3. Pantry designed for tiny houses by Tom Talley
Many small kitchens lack sufficient storage. This tall shelving unit is the perfect solution for adding pantry storage without taking away from precious space. There is no wasted space with shelves built on the doors and pull-out drawers at the bottom offering easy accessibility. 
4. Foldable auxiliary island, seen on Homesthetics
Talk about practical, space-saving furniture. This push cart provides extra counter space for chopping and food other food prep. The two extra shelves are great for keeping items you need close at hand. It's easy to move around the kitchen, or even into your dining area as needed. Simply clean, fold and store out of the way when you don't need it. 
Want to purchase a foldable kitchen island? Similar one here
5. Corner shelves by Martina Carpelan
Why waste precious wall space? These corner-hugging bookshelves are an awesome way to get more use from your walls. The shelves are reversible, so you can take literally use of every corner in your home. These are perfect for storing spices, books or other small items. 
Want to purchase a corner shelf? Similar one here
6. "Table plus" murphy table by Magnet
This piece takes the Murphy-style decor to another level. When unfolded, you have plenty or space for eating or walking, and access to several shelves for storage. The end of the table includes extra storage pockets. Fold it up to hide the shelves and table top and get more floor space. 
Want to get a Murphy-style table? Similar one in white here
7. Multifunctional kitchen with many storage options by The Hammer And Nail
Have you ever wanted to love in a house with hidden doors and compartments? If so, you'll absolutely love this cool kitchen solution. When closed, this modern design is clean and simple. You'd never know there is this much storage! Spacious cupboards and drawers sit alongside cool sliding storage shelves tucked away. This storage centerpiece truly takes advantage of every available inch of space. 
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Do you have a small kitchen? What are some of your tricks for maximizing storage? Share your tips in the comments below. 

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