Welcome to the stunning The Retreat cottage

Cornwall, in the south of England, is home to a lovely tiny dwelling. The house, which is available for vacation rental through Unique Home Stays, sits on three-fifths of an acre in Boscastle, a fishing village in Cornwall. The 1,238 foot home (115 meters) is typically Cornish with its classic oak frame. However, its the use of the space inside that makes the home unique. It has a full kitchen, living room, en-suite king size bedrooms and more. This beauty definitely falls on the larger side, but it's so undeniable gorgeous we felt the need to share it. 
The well-built, well-appointed tiny home was designed and built by Carpenter Oak Ltd, a British company that specializes in building wood-framed houses. Carpenter Oak Ltd built the house at the request of Petrea and Rick Middleton. The Middleton's had the house built initially because they wanted somewhere cozy and simple to take care of when Petrea got really sick. When Petrea recovered, the Middletons decided to turn their wonderful tiny home into a vacation home.
Now that you know a little about the home, let's take a look inside. 
The oak-frame of the house does double-duty supporting the house and acting as gorgeous oak-colored trim throughout the structure.
The kitchen is bright and airy. It has plenty of cabinet space and room for a dining table and hutch and buffet. 
The eating area of the house is situated next to tall windows. These features let plenty of natural light into the dining room. One of the windows is actually a glass door that opens to the outside deck--just in case you want to let in a breeze or dine al fresco. 
The centerpiece of the cozy, but compact living room is a wood stove. The room sports enough space for a sofa and love seat. 
Lots of windows, storage space and enough room for a large bed make this the perfect bedroom.
The bathroom, while tiny, has a full shower. The shower is tiled with dark stone. The dark stone, when paired with the white toilet and shower floor, make the bathroom seem larger than it actually is. 
This "attic" room, which has space for a bed and more, is perfect for guests or for use as an additional bedroom. 
The bathroom of this spacious tiny home has a traditional sink, but it also has a larger basin-type sink for washing up and bathing. 
The home has a lovely patio, rock garden and retaining wall. The property that the tiny home sits on is lush and green. 
The well-designed open floor plan of the tiny home shows that you don't need much space to have an amazingly, beautiful, spacious home.
In coming up with a plan for this home, the architects said they wanted to take the traditional Cornish cottage and reimagine it. Were they successful? We think so, as what they came up with is a space that is as peaceful and flexible as they imagined it would be. 

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