7 smart floor plans that fit more than one bedroom in less than 1000 square feet

For those who are eco-conscious but have a large enough family that going tiny isn't an option, small homes are the next step up. According to The Tiny Life, a tiny home is somewhere between 100 and 400 square feet (9 and 37 square meters). Wikipedia points out that some people call homes between 400 and 1000 square feet (37 and 93 square meters) small homes. 
With small homes come the options of multiple bedrooms and various floor plans. When trying to raise a family of four or five, having more than one bedroom definitely has its advantages. Below are seven floor plans that creatively use space to get more than one bedroom so that families have options when considering going small.
1. Black Mountain Cottage by Max House Plans 
With 794 square feet (74 square meters) of space in the entire cottage, the Black Mountain Cottage makes smart use of each floor. The downstairs has the master bedroom with 144 square feet (13 square meters) in it. The bathroom, kitchen and great room are also on the first floor. The loft is 186 square feet (17 square meters) and has space for one full bed and two bunk beds. 
2. Tumbleweed white cottage by House Plans
The Tumbleweed places its bedrooms on the second floor. With only 764 square feet (80 square meters) to work with, the downstairs is reserved for the kitchen, great room and a half bath. Upstairs, one bedroom is 85 square feet (8 square meters) and has a walk-in closet, and the second bedroom is 127 square feet (12 square meters). The full bathroom is also upstairs.

3. Love Shack craftsman bungalow by House Plan Shop 
The Love Shack is a one story bungalow style home. The 936 square feet (87 square meters) place the kitchen and great room on one side of the house. The two bedrooms share a common bathroom, but both are fairly spacious since hall space isn't wasted between all the rooms. 
4. 1-floor ranch style small home by EPlans
This one-story home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms in its 900 square feet (84 square meters). Each bedroom is 122 square feet (11 square meters) of space and has a full bathroom attached, but one bedroom has a walk-in closet and a completely private bath.  The other bathroom, although it's attached to the second bedroom, is open to the rest of the home, too. The kitchen and living room are at the front of the home, and a carport is also included.
6. Tumbleweed's cottage by House Plans 
A second option by Tumbleweed has three bedrooms and one and one-half bathrooms. The house itself has 874 square feet (81 square meters) with one bedroom and the half bathroom downstairs along with the kitchen and great room. Upstairs, the rear bedroom has 93 square feet (9 square meters) and a walk-in closet. The front bedroom has 129 square feet (12 square meters). The two bedrooms are joined by a full bathroom, maximizing the space on the second floor.
7. Pink Cottage by EPlans 
The Pink Cottage places its two bedrooms in the rear of the home. Both bedrooms share the bathroom, and the home is a single story unit. The master bedroom has 174 square feet (16 square meters). The second bedroom gives up a little space for the bathroom and comes in at 157 square feet (15 square meters) for a total of 888 square feet (83 square meters) in the entire house. A kitchen and great room complete the home, but some special features of this cottage are the attached garage and the garden tub in the bathroom.
Just because you want to go small, doesn't mean you have to give up privacy or the comforts that a larger home can afford. Many companies have creative floor plans that maximize the space in which people want to live proving that you can be smart in more ways than "one."

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