13 very clever tips to finally declutter and organize your kitchen cabinets in no time

Cupboards are wonderful inventions for hiding all the stuff that is necessary for running a kitchen. Baking utensils, sauce pans, various spoons and spatulas, silverware, dishes for eating and sundry other items get squirreled away wherever you can find a spot. On top of all of that is the food that needs to be hidden away if you want to actually do any cooking in the kitchen.
Pretty soon the shelves and cabinets are cluttered. You begin loosing items and end up buying duplicates of things because you can't locate the first set. Cupboards get opened, and objects fall out. Frustration mounts until you simply want to start throwing stuff. Instead, a little organization may be all you need. Listed below are 13 different ways to help declutter your kitchen space and get it organized so that you can locate every item easily. 
1. How to organize a baking cabinet by Two Twenty One 
Chelsea uses adhesive products from Command Brand to hang key rails and hooks inside her cupboards on which to hang all her baking utensils. Measuring cups, measuring spoons, plastic mixers and whisks all get a specific spot and are easy to find. By placing anything that can be hung on a hook, she frees up shelf space to place various bowls, pans and sheets, keeping her cupboards clean and user-friendly. 

2. DIY trash bags organizer by Simply Organized 
Samantha solves the problem of what to do with rolls of trash bags under the sink by mounting 5/8 by 48 inch (1.57 cm) dowel rods on 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) curtain rod brackets. She cuts the curtain rods several inches longer than the width of the garbage bag roll. Then she sands the ends to make them smooth. Painting the rods is optional. Attach the curtain rod holders to the wall and slide the rod through the garbage bags. Simply hang the rod onto the holders. The supplies for this project can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store.

3. Super easy DIY can organizer by Then She Made 
To keep the cans rotating so that you use the oldest first, Then She Made came up with this clever idea. Take an empty box for a 12-pack of soda. Cut a spot on the top at the back of the box for dropping new cans into the container. If you want to make the can rotator more decorative, simply cover the box with pretty paper.
4. Organize and keep your fridge clean with dollar store placemats, by 2Little Super Heroes
Making fridge mats out of placemats from Target is Danielle's solution to expensive fridge mats. Once you find the plastic placemats, simply turn them over and trace your refrigerator's shelf glass onto the mat. Cut the shape and place your new mat on your shelf. Danielle says that she thinks you might be able to find the right kinds of placemats at the Dollar Store as well as Target.
5. A drying rack repurposed as organizer, found on Amazon
Thinking outside the box can be a little tricky. Amazon sells drying racks with the suggestion of using them for more than just drying. Placed in a cupboard or drawer, a drying rack becomes an organizer for container lids or baking sheets. Even plates can be easily organized if you have the extra space and don't need to stack them.
6. Pantry makeover by Not Just A Housewife 
To tidy up the pantry, Stacy repainted her shelves. She then made labels for the jars and packed the loose, dry goods into jars, making them easy to locate. Baskets for snack and lunch items are on the bottom shelf; but by making a spot specifically for those things, the hunt for goods is now over. She also added a chalkboard to the inside of the pantry doors for notes.
7. Cookie cutter organization idea by Design Improvised 
Rather than letting the cookie cutters rattle around loose in a drawer, Haeley places hers in a large jar on a pantry shelf. Whether you have a pantry or not, placing cookie cutters in a container of some sort is a good idea. You can put them in a plastic container, a plastic bag or a glass jar like Haeley.
8. Cabinet door organizer by Jenna Burger 
Jenna creates useful space on her cabinet doors by affixing a half round trim with Loctite Epoxy to the top of one of the cabinets. She then screws in metal hooks from which she can hang spoons, spatulas, cups, utensils, etc. She also affixes two spice racks so that she frees up more shelf space. On the other cabinet, she places a decorative metal sheet on which she can hang magnets for notes or recipes.

9. Repurpose towel racks as lids organizer by Martha Stewart
To keep the lids to your pots and pans organized, Martha Stewart recommends taking towels racks and attaching them to the inside of your cabinet or cupboard doors. Simply hang your lids so that they are easy to find.

10. Vertical kitchen organizer by A Beautiful Mess 
Laura frees up counter space by making vertical kitchen organizers out of towel rods, bamboo utensil holders and shower curtain rings. Mount your towel rods leaving six inches (15.24 cm) from the bottom of your utensil holders. Drill a hole 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) from the top of each holder and attach the holders to the towel rods with a shower curtain ring.
11. Document organizer repurposing as seen on The Organized Housewife 
Often times you need more than one cutting board. Figuring out where to keep the boards can be a problem. Katrina puts a document organizer to good use holding cutting boards of various sizes.

12. No pantry? Create your own by installing shelves, as shown by An Inviting Home
Not everyone has the luxury of a pantry, but the problem can be solved with a little ingenuity. Sarah solves the problem by installing some shelving and using stackable containers on the shelves. If the shelving is going to be where others can easily see it, you may want to use decorative shelving.
13. Double the under-the-sink cabinet storage space with these DIY storage racks by Family Handy Man.
For those who are industrious and don't mind working with some power tools, the Family Handy Man gives step-by-step instructions on how to build pull-out drawers for under-the-sink cabinets. All the supplies can be purchased at your local hardware store, and the drawers can be assembled with wood glue, screws and nails. Once completed, the sets of drawers give you lots of extra space.
Almost everyone wants and/or needs extra space in the kitchen, and keeping what is in the kitchen neat and orderly can be a bear. With a little bit of creativity, these DIYs can take your limited space and clutter and turn your kitchen into an oasis where you can enjoy cooking.

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