Pima County, Arizona makes owning a tiny home easier

Interested in a tiny home less than 400 square feet? If you're in the Pima County, Arizona area, then you're in luck. The county has recently eased regulations, making it easier to build and own tiny homes. 
“Most people are tired of being in debt and are downsizing their life,” Trea Johnston, General Manager of Tuff Shed Tucson told Tuscon.com. "Maybe someone’s got a little piece of property somewhere and want to live minimally. They realize they’ve been living large." Johnston estimates that a 400 square foot tiny home can be built around, or under $30,000. 
With many people facing large debt and small budgets, downsizing is on the rise. Jen Sawyer, a freelance video producer says this, “I could have a permanent house on wheels that gives me freedom … and mobility... I’m not locked into a rent, lease or mortgage — I can move my house.” She added, "I feel like what I do right now is a hamster wheel. I work to pay for my house or apartment to house stuff I don’t even need."
The county, seeing the ever growing popularity of tiny homes, are waiving certain zoning restrictions, such as dimension requirements for stairwells, ceilings, and rooms. There's also wiggle room in number of outlets and other standard building codes. 
Tuff Shed has created a package for permanent structures, with models built into the foundation, with plumbing, and a 50 year warranty. 
Perhaps Pima County can set the right first precedent for others to follow. If you are for easier tiny home regulation, be sure to spread this message and SHARE it with friends. 

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