Surprise! This 175-square foot home sleeps three

Cedar plank siding painted yellow with red trim and white windows all around – with all that bright color, the so-called Savannah house would have to be a charming cottage on the outskirts of town, perhaps even nestled in a Hobbit shire somewhere.
Hobbits aside, if that was your guess, you were right. Right at home in the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village near Portland, Ore., this diminutive home is about as small as you can get. But it comes with surprises. It has a full bathroom and two bedrooms. Lo and behold, this tiny home sleeps not one or two, but three! 
This is one of those “how'd they do that?” homes that seem to be packed with space despite the distinct limitations of size. But what did Eeyore say about Piglet? Something about “my favorite size.” This tiny house might be worthy of that endearment, too. 
The great northwest is known for its lush vegetation. It's no wonder that some of it moves indoors from time to time.
Great details are what makes a home a nest you can adore. The wall sconce above and this clever ceiling lamp are each unique and yet they are consistent, too.
It's hard to believe this tiny house fits a full bathroom and two bedrooms -- but pictures tell the story. 
The bathroom is elegantly simple, relying on the natural wood tones. Above, a tongue-and-groove ceiling. Underfoot, a beautiful wood floor.
OK, it's tight, but it's perfect for guests or even as a child's room -- if your child likes bouncing on a bed (and what child doesn't?). 
And who doesn't love windows that provide cross ventilation and a view of the neighborhood?
This bedroom loft also has cross ventilation with three windows, one of which is hidden behind the pillows. There's enough space for a tiny shelf, which holds a plant, a greeting card and what looks like a (tiny) alarm clock.
Doesn't a home always seem bigger when you invite a little nature in? This sedum plant in the tin container has to share its space with a dishtowel. It seems not to mind very much.
Tiny house living is about priorities and one consistent priority is to live a life full of experiences, rather than full of stuff. You can see that the Savannah house is not only charming, but it's tucked in a charming setting, as well. This is a place, where you are likely to trade in television time for walks with friends and companions. You can see more on the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village website or on their Facebook page. 
This may be a tiny house, but it is also a bright splash of home for someone.

This place will really make you want to live small.
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