Rediscover simplicity with Mendy's Tiny Home

Mendy’s Tiny Home is what you get when you combine tiny living with southern charm. Complete with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and loft, this delightful little home finds the perfect balance between space, simplicity and practicality.   
The Mendy's beautiful design is the mastermind of Tennessee Tiny Homes, a building company created by Joe Everson and his wife Kristen in 2011. The workmanship and attention to detail in this darling little abode is certainly a testament to Tennessee Tiny Homes' surge in popularity, from its humble beginnings in Arlington to its nationwide expansion. 
See for yourself how this wheeled home is a masterclass in simple tiny living. 
Tennessee Tiny Homes
Also known as the Shoebox, Mendy’s Tiny Home is an 8-by-16-foot (2.4-by-3.7-meter) tiny wheeled home that comes with a custom trailer, natural wood interiors, metal roofing and an exterior complete with customized siding. 
Tradition meets modernity in the Mendy's design. The simple exterior shows that you do not need much to create a picture-perfect abode. A classic wooden finish, manicured landscaping and subtle design additions like a porch and a floor-to-ceiling window perfectly come together to create a charming look.
Look inside, and you will see that beauty comes from both the outside and within. Laminate flooring and countertops are part of the initial package, and buyers can upgrade to include white painted interiors, a futon couch and heated floors. This picture shows that an upgrade is worth your while if you are looking for some added comfort. 
The living area is well-lit and perfectly furnished. The futon can be converted from a couch into bedding, making it perfect for daytime visits and overnight stays. The subtle shelving compartments are also a nice touch to the interiors. 
The kitchen proves that a minimalist design can bring you everything that you need in a home. By default, the kitchen comes with cabinets, a laminate countertop, 4.5-cubic-foot refrigerator (0.13 cubic meters), 15-by-15-inch bar sink (38 by 38 cm), a portable heater and a portable electric burner stove. Upgrades include granite countertops, a propane stove and a larger fridge.
An unobtrusive ladder, strategically placed between the kitchen and living areas, leads the way to the upper loft. 
Once again, it's all about the finer details. The loft is spacious enough for extra bedding, and it's nicely adorned with simple decor on the ceiling.
Discretion is a given with this tiny hidden bathroom. Minimalist features combined with contrasting metallic materials and white interiors give this space a flair of brilliance and modernity. 
And you never have to worry about cold showers in this 32-by-32-inch shower stall (81 by 81 cm), as Mendy's is equipped with an on-demand tankless hot water heater.   
The Mendy's Tiny Home perfectly shows that the finer details are what matter when it comes to tiny living. With such a complete set of amenities, all anyone needs to do is add their own personal touches to this wheeled house to make themselves at home. 
Check out Tennessee Tiny Homes to find out more about Mendy's Shoebox.      
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