7 budget-friendly organization ideas for the bathroom you'll need to copy immediately

Bathroom space is prime real estate, especially if you live in a small home. If you're living in a small space on a shoe-string budget, finding solutions can be a bit tricky. But, these wallet-friendly storage hacks, should work for nearly any budget. Pick a few of these fun ideas and watch your bathroom organization fall into place over night. 
Living small doesn't mean you have to give up on pampering yourself. With these organization ideas you can keep your favorite body scrubs, display your best linens and have a bathroom fit for all your needs.
1. Magnetic rack by Darkroom & Dearly
This project is easy. All you need is a magnetic knife rack (you can snag on of these babies for less than $10). Attach it to the wall behind your sink and use it to store your metal bathroom tools (scissors, clippers etc.) You can even add a magnet to the back of other easily -lost items and attach them to your new storage bar. 
2. Organize small bathrooms on a budget with hanging baskets, by BeDifferentActNormal
If you shop the right places, you could easily do this project for less than $15. All you need is three baskets or bins. Wicker works well because you can add string easily, but feel free to get creative. Simply use twine to attach each of the baskets and then use the twine to create a loop so you can hang your baskets up high. This storage solution takes advantage of extra wall space that may otherwise go unused. 
3. Drawer organization, by Bless'er House via The Summery Umbrella
Who doesn't love the dollar store? Snag a few of these plastic containers from your local dollar store and use them to organize your small bathroom drawers. They're easy to clean and cheap to replace if one gets broken or stained. 
4. No closet? No problem! Hang products on a curtain rod, by Better Homes and Gardens
Forget slipping in the shower when you bend over to pick up a toppled bottle of face wash! Use small alligator clips and hooks to hang small bottles of face wash, soap and body soap from your curtain rod. 
5. Wall baskets for linen storage by ImbussyProcastination via DIYnCrafts
If you have limited space, making use of every square inch can make a huge difference. Try using a couple of cute baskets to create a combo wall decoration/storage center. Attach the baskets to the wall securely (or risk major clean up), and store extra towels or other bathroom supplies within easy reach. Baskets not your thing? Try this idea with small metal baskets. 
6. Makeup organizer, by Zulily
Try one of these lazy-Susan-inspired storage containers for your makeup. This fun basket lets you see everything at a glance, and it takes of less room than most makeup storage cases, and it's funky metal structure is a great way to add personality to a drab bathroom.  
7. Use a shoe organizer for shower products, by Better Homes And Gardens
If your space is small and your budget tight, grab a cheap shoe organizer and hang it in your shower. You can easily store shampoos, toys, brushes and razors in individual pockets. Make sure to choose a mesh-styled bag to allow proper drainage and avoid bacteria buildup. 
What are some of your budget-friendly ways to create extra space in the bathroom? Share your tips in the comments below! 

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