10 insanely clever organization tips using over-the-door shoe holders

Over-the-door shoe holders are to organization what duct tape is to repairing things. This versatile storage tool can be used dozens of ways to make your life a little less messy. We love that they come with several different pockets and in a variety of styles so you can use them anywhere! 
Check out a few of these creative ways people have put their shoe holders to good use:
1. Camping organizer, by SunnySimpleLife
Don't forget to pack your shoe holder with your tent and sleeping bags! Hook this to the top of a tent to store all your camping supplies. You'll keep them off the ground (dirt free!) and in one place. No more digging around huge bins looking for a small box of matches! 
2. Crafts organizer, seen on Buzzfeed
Bid a not-so-fond farewell to your cluttered craft closet. Simply hang a clear shoe holder inside a closet door and use the pockets to store scissors, glue, colored pencils and paints. The clear pockets make it easy to find what you need, and they are easy to clean if anything leaks. 
3. Paper towels organizer, seen on RefurbishedIdeas
Tired of dealing with a stack of paper towels hogging your pantry? Try hanging a shoe holder inside the laundry room or utility closet and storing your paper towels on the wall. The rolls will stay out of your way and safe from the grasp of pets and little ones! 
4. Snacks organizer, seen on TwistedSifter
If you hate having 20 small bags lining the shelf of your pantry, try this solution instead. Use the pockets of a clear shoe holder to hold all of your treats! clear pockets make finding that chocolate you need simple. Plus, you'll be able to see when you're running low on a favorite snack so you can add it to your shopping list!
5. Stuffed animals organizer, by HubPages
Keep stuffed animals off the floor by tucking them away in a shoe organizer. The pockets are perfect for those smaller animals that seem to migrate all over the house. 
6. Makeup organizer, seen on Buzzfeed
Need extra space in the bathroom? Skip the cramped makeup bags and hang your goodies in a clear shoe bag. These are easy to clean and you'll see everything all at once, so you aren't digging to the bottom of a makeup bag looking for your favorite eyeliner when you're already late for work! 
7. Toy organizer, by OrganizeYourStuffNow
If your little one is having a tough time keeping their action figures (or Barbie dolls or cars...) in order, try this simple storage solution. Your little one can see exactly what they want and it's a snap to put everything away when they're done playing too. 
8. Baby stuff organizer, by SusieHarris
How many burp cloths does one mama need? Answer: a ton. Keep them organized by storing them in  shoe holder hung inside the nursery door. You can also use these pockets to hold extra pacifiers, bibs, diapers, medicines etc. 
9. Jewelry organizer, by TheDecoratingDuchess
Try this fun solution to jewelry storage. Using a cloth holder and an old frame, The Decorating Duchess created this adorable storage solution. Just hang the frame on the wall and store your earrings, necklaces and rings at eye level. Avoid putting small chains in the pockets or they will tangle. 
10. Shoe organizer vertical planter, by LifeHacker
Think you can't grow a garden in a small space? Think again! Just hang a shoe holder (use a sturdy hook) in a semi-sunny area, fill each pocket with planting soil and plant your favorite herbs. That's it. Water and trim as needed. 
How do you use your shoe holders? Tell us your ideas in the comments below and share these storage solutions with your friends on Facebook. 
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