Welcome to the Portable Pioneer, house of a couple, two pigs and a puppy

If the idea of living in a tiny house excites you, you'll love these pictures from the Portable Pioneer. The professional shot gives people an idea of what one of these small living spaces looks like fully-stocked with personal items. Most people see photos of empty tiny homes, these photos show you what it's really like to live in a small space and showcases a few clever storage ideas as well. 
No corner is wasted in this trim and smart design. Let's take a tour and see how the Portable Pioneer has everything a home could need - including an office space!
The painting of the mountains on the back wall? That's a personal touch by the owners. They make use of all of their extra space including storing items on top and pet supplies underneath. 
Creative storage using the stairs? Check. These double duty stairs offer additional storage space underneath each step. When you are living in a house this small, there's literally no room for wasted space. 
The kitchen space pulls double (triple) duty as a dining area, work area and office space. Organization is key when you are living in very limited space. The window sill is even used to hold a few extra items. 
The surprisingly spacious kitchen area offer extra counter space with a cutting board counter atop the washing machine. Extra storage above the sitting area is used to hold larger items out of the way. 
These clever built-in shelves provide plenty of space for storing toiletries and other items. The floor plan takes advantage of otherwise wasted space next to the loo and in front of the bathtub. Clever! 
The storage solution in this home is quite clever. Taking advantage of the high ceilings, Portable Pioneer uses the classic technique of using otherwise empty space to create storage options. The attic-style shelving keeps everything nice and neat without taking up precious floor space. 
Tucked under the stairs, the kitchen table/office area takes up very little space when it isn't in use. This helps keep the home feeling open and spacious. 
The loft bedroom space fits a comfortable queen-sized bed, with enough room for a little rug to personalize the sleeping area. The open windows practically eliminate the need for a lamp, but there's till room for a small bedside table. 
This small home takes up very little space, but creative storage options and floor planning make the home feel much bigger. This tiny house is actually home to two people, two pigs and a dog! 
What do you think about this tiny home? Could you live in it? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 
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From the outside, this 204-square feet tiny house produced by a pair of Massachusetts ex-patriots may not look like your typical tiny home. Luke and Tina's creation is eclectic, purposeful and stylish.
January 16   ·  
If beautifully made, elegant, portable, smart, efficient and practical is cool ... then this house is cool.
January 15   ·  
Actually, this home has two terrific bedrooms. The downstairs room has lots of storage space for clothes and personal items, while the loft allows you to sleep under a terrific skylight for a view of the stars.
January 14   ·