Experience cottage life Portugal-style with this lovely rural retreat

There's something romantic about this cottage. Surrounded by desert, the white stucco and bright blue shutters and door scream oasis. Complete with an outside deck and roof-top pool, this two-bedroom cottage is the perfect place to unwind and soak in the European sun. 
Check out these cozy digs if your idea of a great vacation is soaking up the sun and enjoying some down time. 
The front room features a sitting area and dining area that open out to a shaded deck. Enjoy views of nature as you lounge on the couch or enjoy your morning toast. 
The home offers a lot of natural light and the stone incorporated into the flooring and shelving really pull the design together. 
The kitchen area is cozy, but fully-stocked. A full-sized refrigerator and oven/stove combination make it super easy to make a quick breakfast or snack. 
Bedroom one includes an adorable blue, metal -framed bed and matching shelving. With plenty of natural light, this is a great place to settle in for a siesta or reading time. 
Bedroom two includes to beds and a a small washing area. The stone flooring and natural lighting continue throughout this space. 
The funky bathroom offers a unique stone shower as well as a bidet for your personal hygiene needs. The use of stone throughout the entire space really adds to the theme of the entire home. 
If the interior of the home isn't enough to wipe away your stress, head to the rooftop deck for stunning views of the surrounding community. 
Oh, and you'll want to take a dip in this cool roof-top pool while you're at it! With stunning panoramic views and a shaded sitting area, it's likely you'll spend a lot of your vacation time, at this gem.
Located on a 17-acre plot, this house offers a plenty of privacy and tons of luxury. While in a quiet setting, the property is located near a local village, golf course and a beach. 
What do you think of this adorable cottage? Do you think you'd enjoy a three-day vacation to this Portugal oasis? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 
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