Check out the second bedroom in this 196-square-feet house.

At 196 square feet, there is no way that this tiny house, named Zoe, has two bedrooms. That just can't be done – no way and no how. And yet it does. Zoe, which means life, is a study in adorable housing. It is situated at the Mt. Hood tiny house village near Portland, Ore., which means this adorable abode is surrounded by majestic mountains on the east and a massive ocean on the west.
But Zoe is also a study in efficiency. Painted white and baby blue, it features an upstairs bedroom loft, a full bathroom with a shower, a complete kitchen and a downstairs bedroom. It sleeps three. The downstairs bedroom, you will see, is extremely tight – so tight that tucking in one more quilt might be impossible, given the mattress is squeezed into place like a cork. But tiny houses are famously cheap and easy to keep warm with or without an extra blanket. And, with less than 200 square feet of space, a heating lamp might be more than enough to keep you comfortable.
Let's take a look.
The downstairs has everything you need. The kitchen is roomy and the dining room table is really a counter on hinges, so it can be lowered to fit against the wall. In the background is the front door on the left and a seating nook on the right.
Zoe has one of the cutest seating areas around. The tongue-and-groove walls and ceiling give it a down-home look. What you don't see in the photo below (but you can see above) is the wall-mounted television that is swung into place for viewing.
Here's the downstairs bedroom -- tight and cozy. However, with two windows, you can enjoy some cross ventilation. (And windows are the perfect antidote for claustrophobia.)
This bathroom might look small to someone with a big house, but if you were living in a tiny home and visited here, the bathroom might be the reason you left feeling completely green with jealousy. 
In this view (above the roll of toilet paper), you can see about half of the tiny bathroom sink. 
Here's the reverse angled look at the downstairs area, which gives you a good view of the layout. To the left in the distance is the downstairs bedroom and to the right, behind the ladder, is the bathroom. You can get a glimpse of the blue shower curtain in this shot.
If you climbed that ladder, this is where you would be.
The modern-looking kitchen is pared down to its most essential components.
With this second shot at the front of this tiny house, take a look at the complicated roof. To the rear is a dormer with a window, while in the front is a small triangular dormer with no window. Building such a roof so it doesn't leak requires more than average roofing skills.
You can learn more about the Zoe and the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village on their website or their Facebook page. 
You can also see that this adorable tiny house looks at home in this adorable setting with its random walkways and a picnic table. 

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