9 tiny home plans that maximize storage space

A tiny home needn't mean losing all your favorite possessions! Choose wisely and your new house could already have reams of storage space hidden within its walls. The key to tiny home living is not about which material things you can purge, although that certainly is a part of the appeal. Instead, it is about living smarter, utilizing items that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional and building cleverly to maximize your storage options. 
Think about all the empty space currently going to waste in your home -- under the stairs, between the walls, under high ceilings and in bay windows. Those spaces can all be used as part of practical -- and stylish -- storage solutions.
1. Contemporary Two-Story House from EPlans
The 844 square feet (78.41 square meters) in this property make the most of an airy open double-height space in the great room, complete with a balcony over the room from the sleeping loft. There are two entry porches, one of which could easily become a storage room, closet or mud room with the addition of solid walls. You could also enclose a portion of the wraparound decking, creating a spare room apart from the open-plan floor structure.
2. Customizable Classic Southern Dogtrot House from Houseplans
This house already comes with so much space, thanks to the large outer decking area that leads to another building, if desired. With three bedrooms in 976 square feet (90.67 square meters) of living space, you also have a walk-in closet in the master suite, hallway storage cupboards prebuilt into the design and closets in the second and third bedrooms. The open-plan layout allows enough space for a family to expand and still move around comfortably and provides wallspace for floor-to-ceiling storage cupboards if required.
3. Open Porch House from Family Home Plans
The huge covered porch in this house plan is perfect for the couple who has lots of outdoor sporting equipment to store. Mountain bikes, quad bikes, even a well-protected indoor sports kit can be properly stored off to one side of the porch. There is access from the porch straight into a mudroom and adjacent toilet so you can wash up before going inside after a day of hiking or cycling. There is a large walk-in closet just off the bathroom, which is joined to the bedroom, and the open-plan living area has one long straight wall that would fit built-in storage units easily.
4. Bungalow Style Lofted Home from EPlans
At 981 square feet (91.14 square meters), this floor plan is at the larger end of the tiny home scale. With a vaulted great room, the property maintains a bright and spacious feel. Large windows fill the interior with natural light. The modifiable plan could add storage by closing in the porch or making full use of the entrance hall space with an extended upper level or walls. Open-plan living is complemented by a loft, and the sloping angle of the ceiling there could be maximized for storage using custom cupboards built along the angle you cannot stand in.
5. Quaint Cabin Floor Plan from Houseplans
Despite the 600-square-foot layout (55.74 square meters), this tiny home is filled with storage facilities. Open-plan living keeps it airy yet compact. The rear porch leads to a covered section ideal for storage of seasonally appropriate gear. The front porch expands the living space by almost the same again as the interior, so this house is ideal for sunny climes. A bonus room can be used as whatever you deem most necessary, whether that be a guest room, office or extra storage.
6. Open Porch Vaulted Home by Family Home Plans
The spacious back porch section of this tiny home layout makes the property perfect for warm temperatures and family cookouts. The area can also be used to store any number of things, an ability that increases should you decide to screen or wall off part of the porch specifically for storage. There is also a entrance hall opening onto the main living space that should not be ignored as a place for custom built-in storage. The walk-in closet is accessible from the bedroom through the en-suite bathroom, with a separate half bath for guests to utilize.
7. Two-Story A-Frame House by EPlans
If you're after storage in your tiny home, this is the property for you. The 535-square-foot house (49.7 square meters) has two entire walls of storage built into the layout, allowing you to really maximize on the appearance of your home without having to consider custom cupboards or extra modifications. Perfect if you're downsizing, you can enjoy open-plan living, complete with vaulted open ceilings, wood-fired stove coziness and outdoor decking. There is even a closet in the lofted bedroom, and if you're willing to go for a shower-only option, the bathroom opens up space as well.
8. Raised Wraparound Porch Property by Houseplans
With two floors to cover, this 868-square-foot home (80.64 square meters) has no shortage of storage facilities. With six large closets throughout, as well as a built-in garage and both front and rear decks that could be customized with screens or walls, you can easily streamline your interior aesthetic without excess clutter. The vaulted open-plan living space makes for a light-filled, airy room, while a central hallway leads off to the bathroom, two bedrooms and utilities.
9. Turreted Cottage Home by Family Home Plans
This single-story tiny home boasts 926 square feet (86.03 square meters) of living space, divided by room function. The sweet turret style in the living room allows for you to build a custom window seat with storage underneath the window. Both bedrooms have built-in closet space, and there are cupboards for the utilities as well. The open dining area could greatly benefit from additional storage along the main wall, leaving the hallway open for circulation.

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