10 space-saving furniture ideas that are as efficient as they're lovely

Tiny living is an infectious passion. Nowadays, when the housing market is so out of control and everything costs so much, it's easy to be enraptured by the simplicity of smaller scale living. But purchasing, or building, your very own tiny home is just the first step. Furnishing said home is a whole other story, especially when you also need to make as much room as possible for your valuable belongings.
Now, obviously, covering every square foot of space with furniture is not an option – you can't possibly get around the house by side-stepping your desk every single day. That's where these fantastic furniture ideas come in. Tiny living is all about getting creative with your everyday needs, and these 10 ideas should get your imagination flowing.
1. Space-saving slim entry table, by Tidbits
Entry tables are great to have, especially when you need a reliable spot to drop off your keys and wallet as you're coming home after a long day. But when there's no real entrance hallway in your tiny home and even the living room is a bit cramped, this super-slim entry table might be just what you need. Its two shelves allow for a surprisingly decent amount of storage, considering its size.
2. Ranch-style cabinet with storage and Murphy table with benches, by Great Western Furniture Company
Now this one's a marvel of engineering – is it a table? Is it a seating area? Is it a closet? Yes to all of these! This Murphy table slides right out of the lovely wooden closet encasing it, and is accompanied by two benches, similarly concealed within the closet's doors. Drawers under the table, and extra shelves behind it, make this an incredibly useful piece of furniture.
3. Hidden trash can, by Lovemade14
Not having a trash can is really problematic. But having one sitting around in a tight area is not great either. Check out this quaint little end table, designed to store your garbage. You can place things on top of it without feeling grossed out – and the smells will be a lot less noticeable too. Trash cans have never looked so lovely! 
4. Barn-style bunk beds, seen on Houzz
If you'd like to go for a rustic theme, check out these bunk beds made from weathered wood. Not only do they feature drawers under the bottom bunk and cabinets at the foot of each bed, they can also disappear from view with the very barn-like sliding doors, so your bedroom can become your living room when guests come over.
5. Space-saving folding table, by Tight Space Furniture
Chairs can be a real issue with tiny homes. When every inch counts, a table that can not only fold down into a smaller counter, but also store two matching stools, is definitely a must-have. The two drawers within and the wheels for easy movement round this smart item out nicely.
6. Bookcase/coffee table, by Halligans Norris Smith
Everyone wants to have a bookcase in their room. It makes you look smart! But bookcases and tiny homes generally don't make a very good pair. Meet the circular bookcase that doubles as a coffee table, here to revolutionize space-saving furniture! Bonus points for having wheels, so you can spin it round and round like an intellectual carousel.
7. Folding bed, by WoodWorkerz
Now this one's a gem. Murphy beds are a must in most tiny home situations, because of the frightening amount of space that mattresses tend to take up, but those pieces of furniture can be a bit of a hassle themselves. This ingenious idea not only features a fold-out desk on the Murphy bed's underside, it is also hinged sideways rather than at the foot or head of the bed. This way, you can use your Murphy bed in two other ways – as a desk and as a fireplace-free mantelpiece.
8. DIY Murphy bar by Rachel Pereira via EHow
Lovely for outdoor spaces, but just as efficient indoors, this fold-out table takes up virtually no space when collapsed, and features ample storage within that is only accessible when propped open. It's used as a bar here, with all the ingredients and utensils you need to make the most fantastic cocktails – but you can customize its contents any way you wish.
9. Corner bench perfect for small entrances, by Pottery Barn
This one's a cutie: A comfortable little bench made specifically for corners. The picture above shows a useful way to set it – right under the coat hanger, so you can sit around waiting for your loved one to finish getting ready. You can maximize its efficiency by storing a basket full of linens, for example, underneath it.
10. DIY desk station for a family of 4, by Ana White
If you've got a little extra room and you like doing arts and crafts with the whole family, this four-way desk is perfect for your home. With room for four chairs and one set of drawers for each person, this square table makes for a great common space to all work on artistic creations together – and can also be used as a work space for small teams in need of frequent brainstorming sessions.
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