Family converts a 1960s Bedford Panorama Bus into a lovely hotel

A 1968, Bedford Panorama bus has been converted into a beautiful retreat on the edge of Radnorshire, Wales. According to the inn's Facebook page, Hay-on Wye is just a little more than five miles away, and Brecon is about a thirty-minute drive. The charming retreat is surrounded by wildlife and beautiful flowers.
Although the accommodations are simply a renovated bus, the Majestic Bus website states that the bus can easily sleep four. If you have more in your group, the outdoor decking and fire pit have been placed in such a way that tents can be set up to allow four additional tenants. This off-the-grid hotel is a charming refuge for those who want to escape the city and enjoy the countryside.
The sitting area is comprised of an L-shaped couch that makes into a double bed. Large picture windows allow residents to view the countryside from the comfort of the bus.
The kitchen has a gas stove, and the rest of the bus is powered by solar panels. All the countertops are made of oak; pine boarding is used on the island, counters and walls.
At the front of the bus, the interior designer has converted the driving area into a dinette. A sink and refrigerator are also inside the bus.
Fresh flowers from the garden are placed inside, and basic staples are provided in the kitchen. Those who choose to set up tents need to supply their own linens.
Wood floors are throughout the bus. A wood burning stove is used to keep the space warm during the cold, and a double bed is nestled in the back of the bus.
Source Unknown
The bathroom is outside in a separate room. The tub has a shower.
To keep the bathroom warm, a second wood stove has been installed.
Although a bus as luxury accommodations may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of getting away for a while, this Bedford Panorama is full of surprises. Renovated with beautiful wood and set in the natural beauty of the Welsh countryside, those who stay in it may never want to get "on the road again."

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