Tour this seaside cottage: the vintage industrial interior is amazing

The unique black-and-white exterior of this seaside cottage is just the beginning of the home's amazing style. The house, overlooking a beach in South Wales, was originally built to hold the first telephone lines being laid across the Atlantic Ocean. Now a vacation rental from the portfolio of Unique Home Stays, it has been charmingly dubbed the Cable Hut.  
The current interior design is obviously inspired by the home's industrial origin. Light fixtures with exposed Edison bulbs, a wooden cable reel table and black iron furniture all create a nod to the past. Traditional cottage style is mixed in with the industrial decor, creating a unique and cozy space where lack of square footage is never a problem.
The one-of-a-kind exterior is made up of half traditional stone cottage and half corrugated iron hut. This emulates the mixture of cottage and industrial style that you'll find on the inside.
Bright white walls and warm wood accents create a clean and inviting interior. Vintage and quirky accessories adorn the walls. To get the same look in your own home, think outside the box when it comes to wall art.
Open shelving in the kitchen is a storage solution that's both functional and chic. When styling your own shelves, try mixing everyday dishware with decorate accessories. Keep the color scheme consistent to avoid it looking too cluttered.
Red window treatments and pillows bring color to the space. If you're nervous about growing tired of a color scheme in your home, keep the major furniture neutral, and be bold with the small accessories. When the time comes for a change, they're easy to switch out!
High vaulted ceilings and exposed beams create a very spacious feeling in the tiny house. 
The quintessential planked walls are a staple for cottage decor. The bedroom features both bedside lamps and industrial hanging sconces. Incorporating multiple light sources is a great way to keep a space feeling cozy.
Framed maps make for great artwork. Cut a large map into four sections and frame each piece separately to get the same look shown here. The two shadeless, concrete lamps are an unexpected and unique touch.
The step-down bathroom is small but still luxurious. If you have space for only a small vanity, make sure it has a storage feature, like this shelf for extra towels. 
The bathroom walls feature floor-to-ceiling subway tile, keeping the room clean and low maintenance.
The walk-in shower and gray slate floor tile complete the bathroom's modern look. The fixtures and black iron towel rack tie in the industrial element from the rest of the home.

The lack of clutter in this tiny house is truly amazing.
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