The Cowboy tiny house is modern, Canadian, rustic and tiny

Don't be deceived. The inside to this 208-square-feet gem is as beautiful as it is ingenious. Trying to sum up a tiny house with a blurb-like caption can almost seem like someone is writing free-association back-country poetry.
Take “The Cowboy,” for example. This 20' long by 8'6” wide trailer home made by Hummingbird Micro Homes of Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, has been described by its builders as “west coast design meets rustic modern Canadian barn,” which is another way of saying this tiny abode is folksy hodgepodge meets twenty-first-century craftsmanship.
This is one of those homes that looks on the outside, like various odd scraps that kind of flung themselves together. The exterior includes glass, metal and wood that looks, at a glance, like a patched up coat. But don't be deceived. The inside to this 208-square-feet gem is as beautiful as it is ingenious. Let's take a look.
This downstairs living space says it all. The craftsmanship is superb and the details are delightful. All that blond-colored wood makes the house seem bright, but homey, as well.
Note, too, there is extra room for the downstairs couch to serve as a fold-up bed, in case you have overnight guests.
Stairs that serve as storage bins are common in tiny houses, but this is a unique staircase for a tiny house, in that it takes a right-hand turn after three steps. 
One of the features of The Cowboy is the wall paneling, which includes two different tones of bamboo. What you don't see is that the walls are filled with R-20 factor insulation. The roof is packed with R-25 factor foam, making this "rustic, modern Canadian barn" able to keep the occupants cozy through the rigorous winters of the north country.
This hanging rack holds everything one or two people might need for preparing meals. The kitchen also includes a compact refrigerator, a three-burner gas stove and a single-basin sink, just visible in the bottom right corner of this photo. 
And where do the cowgirls sleep? The bedroom loft features windows on three sides, letting in plenty of bright, warm sunshine. But one of the classy features of The Cowboy is the wide-board tongue and groove ceiling. The dark window and ceiling molding is also a great touch.
The builders say the bathroom in The Cowboy (no photo provided) includes a flush toilet and a shower that measures 32 inches by 30 inches. The Cowboy is also fitted with RV hook up and can be used as a permanent dwelling or a trailer home on wheels. It is build on a double-axle Rainbow trailer (including brakes) that is rated for loads of 10,500 pounds. 

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