Welcome to the charming Mulberry Cottage

It's hard to pinpoint just where the Mulberry Cottage draws its inspiration from. The exterior has a Southwest feel with stucco roofing and elegant masonry. Reclaimed wood siding is also an ode to how the building used to serve as a barn. Either way, this cottage blends those styles wonderfully – and that's just on the outside.
Before entering the Mulberry Cottage, it's hard to predict what the interior will look like. A rustic setting would seem to fit but the exterior style is so versatile literally any interior design will look like it belongs.
A step in the front door shows that the interior has followed a more contemporary style theme. The interior is bright, the space is bountiful, and the open floor plan does this cottage wonders.
The kitchen is wide open and the dining area leaves room for flexibility. The black countertops add the perfect amount of contrast with the mostly white interior.
The Mulberry cottage sleeps four including this master bedroom with a breathtaking view of the countryside. There aren't many better ways to greet the day than watching the sun arrive ever so slowly peeking over the lush hills.
The guest bedroom sleeps an additional two people and continues the bright theme so prevalent in the cottage.
A look from the kitchen towards the front door again shows off the openness that makes the Mulberry Cottage so comfortable.
The stand-up shower saves room compared to a tub (which is rarely used these days anyway). Perhaps the best feature is unidentifiable in pictures – the warm underfloor heating.
The bathroom door is an ode to the building's history as a barn. The small sink also helps create more room within the bathroom.
An outdoor living area lets tenants and guests soak in the authentic wondrous backdrop.
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