Meet Teal and Gerry Brown, the masterminds behind Wishbone Tiny Homes

North Carolina Wishbone Tiny Homes is a family owned construction company with decades of experience behind its back. Gerry Brown has been in the building industry for over 40 years, as they explain on their website. His son Teal and his daughter-in-law Heidi have joined him to create Wishbone Tiny Homes, a company that stands out not only by the quality of their houses but also their consulting services, that focus on helping inexperienced people to build their own tiny house from top to bottom. 
Teal kindly responded to all Tiny Home Tour questions: 
1. Introduce yourself and the company you represent (where are you based, etc.). What makes you stand out in the tiny home market - what are you known for? 
My name is Teal and I work with Wishbone Tiny Homes, out of Asheville, NC. We are known for high-quality custom tiny home design, building, and consulting services. 
2. What are the model(s) of tiny homes you offer and what are the prices? 
Our custom, turnkey tiny homes on wheels range from $45K - $85K . We don't have standard models to date due to the custom nature of our product. However, we will be offering 3 models to choose from in the near future. These designs will based on varying price ranges and will be influenced by the most popular features from our numerous custom models.
3. What is the most popular model, and why do you think people love it so much? What's the inspiration behind the design? 
Our MH and Squibb have been well received due to their extra width, material combinations, and quality finishes.
Here's an example of the Squibb model, that has been named the "Tiny Wynette" by its owner. 
Whisbone Tiny Homes
Wishbone Tiny Homes
4. What design feature are you particularly proud of and why? 
We designed an adjustable bunk that would allow a currently young child to have increasing autonomy as they age. The bunk starts at the same level as the main loft and can be moved downward incrementally until it eventually becomes an independent space . (Pic attached doesn't represent this very well). At the moment, the space below the bunk is being used as an office.
Wishbone Tiny Homes
5. You may be aware that a lot of people are building their own tiny houses themselves, even if they don't have any designing or building experience. As professionals, what would you recommend for them? 
Our DIY Consulting Services! We help people with little to no experience through the process, from design, to trailer, to build.
6. Have you guys ever thought of downsizing and living in a tiny house? If you already do, what's the best part of it? If you don't, why not?
My family has lived in the 400 SF cottage in our gallery. Life was simple and cozy. It was a   great time in our lives and we may return to it in the future.
7. Name one secret about tiny house living/tiny homes that most don't know (or most would find surprising).
King size beds will fit!

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